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  1. At this point we are planning to run the show until Jan 7th. The thought of taking it all down while it's warm has crossed my mind, but I collect food for the local food shelf & am still gettting a lot of donations each night. Watching the weather it doesn't appear that we are in for any measurable snow anytime soon (knock on wood). I just checked Accuweathers' 15 day forcast (yes I know, who can forcast 15 days out) & they are predicting 40's again for the weekend of the 7th & 8th.
  2. We collect for our local food shelf & have contacted them ahead of time asking for permission. By contacting them, it allows then to list our display in their newsletter. Last year we collected 60 pounds & $30.00 for the entire season, this year we are at 150 pounds & about $35.00. Most of that came today when I got home from work. I went out to get the mail & there was a large box in my donation space, someone dropped off a 60 pound box of food, how nice.
  3. Congrats to George in Clearwater for being spotlighted on channel 5 news tonight by Jason Davis. Nice looking display!
  4. Just wanted to say THANK YOU & great job on the displays this year. I took the family for a drive tonight & was able to stop at all of them. I loved all the new effects this year, Prairie Lights' new pinwheels, Anderson Lights' new spiral feature to the mega tree & too many other items & elements to mention. Everyone had a great time & look forward to doing it again. Again, THANK YOU all for taking the time to put these shows together.
  5. Lights in the park, www.lightsinthepark.org - This is a drive through site in Phalen Park in St Paul. They charge a small amount enter & have a few animated items.
  6. The reply I got by email from the Pioneer Press was "I do wish we could have done the listing again this year, but we didn't have the staffing to pull it together. As you can imagine, putting together the free listing takes hours of planning, editing and arranging. I have discovered another local site called twinkletrail.com that essentially provides the same service. I would recommend this site." When I looked into the Star Tribune, I couldn't open the page that showed the listings. I sent an email to them telling them it didn't appear to be working but didn't get a response. Our display
  7. I complained to the Pioneer Press because they were not publishing a list of houses that decorate & they pointed me to a new site that is promoting our shows. Check it out, www.twinkletrail.com.
  8. I have fixed quite a few wire frames with this. I did find that if you plug the light keeper into a socket & pull the trigger & the string still doesn't light, watch the lights that are out for a spark inside a bulb. It helps if you are in a darker room when testing for this. What I determined is if the shunt is bad in a bad buld, it will spark. You will have to pull the trigger like a dozen times or so, but it really does work. When I have done this, I have replaced the bulb(s) that sparked & the string lights right up.
  9. I use bungy cords to go around the tree at the top & the bottom over the cords, this holds the lights in place at the start & the finish & friction holds them in the middle. If you find the right color bungy cords you barely see them in the daylight.
  10. Love your new mini-arches. I was out checking over my display, it actually looks kind of cool with the lights under the snow. See the new pics on my website. Also, while writing this, I couldn't believe, but a limo pulled up, I guess their show has to go on. Our street is only one lane right now and I haven't seen a snow plow yet.
  11. In St Paul, I don't have anyplace to put the snow that I would try to move to show the display. I figured I would run the show as long as you can see it from the street, but looking at all the snow in the street that needs to be plowed yet, I am not sure how long that will be. My street has a car wide path down the middle & then over 2' of snow to the curbs, the plow has to push it someplace & I am guessing the blvd is where it will wind up and I can only imagine how high those plow ridges will be. Got to love Minnesota winters.
  12. I used a cold chisel, pound it through the frozen ground, once in the ground move around in a circle as big as you need the hole. I bought a medium sized one which makes about a 3/4" hole if pounded straight in & taken straight out.
  13. Doug Schultz 1526 York Ave St Paul Phalen Park area, over 10,000 lights. New to LOR, bought my first 16 channel starter pack & FM transmitter. The last couple of years I was using a little 6 channel speaker box, bought at Menards. Neighbors are looking forward to not hearing my music every night.
  14. 1526 York Ave, St Paul, Public Over 10,000 lights, featured in Paper & Dave's Decorations the last couple of years.
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