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    1x 20FT Mega-Spiral hybrid with 16 channel firework for topper
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  1. Hey guys, I'm supposed to be doing a display for my local Civic center this year, and everything on the property needs to have CSA approval (or equivalent marking... see below). LOR told me that they saw no reason that they wouldn't have their controllers CSA approved by the end of 2012 summer, so we went ahead and planned everything out. Well I got off the phone with LOR yesterday, and they informed me that CSA approval was not going to happen this year... "OH CRAP!!!" My town has already invested a few grand into this display that I was planning for them, and now I can't use the LOR con
  2. Thanks guys! I'm going to see if I can get a better video tonight, and re-post it.
  3. How do you like mine?... no blow molds, but still St Patrick's Day Sorry about video quality... (didn't have much opportunity to get video in a good daylight time frame)
  4. Would I be correct to understand that users are going to require one of these units for each e680/1 controller board they plan to use? (3 x E681 BOARDS (12 universes) would require 3 x ELOR BOARDS?)
  5. HoLy CrAP!! And I thought my 1500 lbs of food + all the cash donations was impressive for my display... This is by far the best haul I've seen for display donations. Great work!
  6. Anything over 15 mins should suffice... but more is better. My show for 2011 was about 45 mins long in total including the stuff I added after Christmas.... I would see vehicles out there for over 2 hours some nights, watching over and over to see all the different things they missed the time before... Keep in mind the amount of parking spaces you have for viewing... you don't want people sitting out there for 30 mins if you only have 5 good viewing spots.
  7. I have 25ft long RGB strips running off a dc board that is about 50 feet from the start of the strips (75 feet to last LED). I will be adding a second power cable on the same connectors to the other end of a coupld of my strips though, as they have obtained a very mild pink color when set for white. I know it's not what you're asking about but for 110V led strings... I've got as much as 1200 LEDs (350ft) chained together on one big tree that has about 150ft of cable between the tree and the house with no issue (100 to controller + 50 to tree + 350ft Lights). LEDs are great all around, as
  8. Im getting about 200 cars/night, and this is only my 2nd year... Have an interview with a nation wide TV channel today... I have no idea what to expect this week.
  9. Size would be dependent on what it is you're holding up... but generally, you shouldnt need anything more than 1/4". For cutting... simply wrap the cut point in a few layers of electrical tape and then cut with bolt cutters or something else on hand that will provide a clean cut. To build a loop on the end, use 'aluminum sleeves', or 'ferrules' (google them, and youll see pics). You should be able to buy them at most hardware stores near the cable.
  10. Thank you, never thought of using a putty-like substance. Ill have to check that out next time I'm in HD. I just wonder about how well it will 'seal' in between the wires coming out of the bottom.
  11. Hey all, I built a candy cane pinwheel out of 'candy cane lawn stakes' on a chicken wire/PVC frame... As I look at it, I wonder how everyone that has done this before keeps the water out of the upside down/bottom canes? I was thinking of drilling small holes in the bottoms of them, but would like to avoid this method if possible. Was thinking silicone or something... but I would like to eventually be able to get in and swap out the incandescents for LEDs (provided I can find a nice cuttable peppermint ropelight). This is the type of canes I'm referring to (mine came with lights in them):
  12. was thinking about this post at work today while deciding what to get to hand out to the kids.... I dont think I would hand out 'flyers'... but what you could do is get those small little clear candy bags (dollar store?) and fill them with mini chocolate bars or whatever kind of candy and use a twist tie with a very small label on it saying something like "we hope you enjoyed our animated Halloween show on ***** Drive... be sure to come back in December to see our Christmas display". I think as long as the label is small and inconspicuous, and stays on the twist tie when opened, people woul
  13. I use Red, Green, and Blue LED icicles from Creative Displays Inc... of 72 strings, I've only had one string fail on me. and I got a free replacement for that string with my next purchase. Pure White: http://www.creativedisplays.com/product/924/C-6-LED-ICICLE-70-LIGHT-PURE-WHITE/ Warm White: http://www.creativedisplays.com/product/747/C-6-LED-ICICLE-70-LIGHT-WARM-WHITE/
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