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  1. Clyde, I picked up 7 type o's and 2 type g's, do they hold up when they get wet?
  2. Here is a craiglist item from clinton twp... I just typed blowmold into the search, probably a lot more not listed as blowmold... [email protected]
  3. All I can find everywhere is clear or multi, never green, never red, I live near Flint, what did she pay at ACO?
  4. i got 20 boxes in michigan, plenty left, I was the only one to purchase as of 10:30 am.
  5. Thanks, going to drive in two tomorrow....
  6. Well, looks like I am straight east of you, about an hour and a half, so put up a LOT of lights so we can see!
  7. Just curious, since not sold to me, who got them???
  8. Wow, perfect, will you be able to do paypal?
  9. so, if I use my fingers AND toes, I can count all the strings of lights I have right now... which shows my level of experience. Researching tells me that I will need a Rainbow brain to control these.. any other controller available? Also: can I semi permanent mount these outside and use them year round, like White most of the time?
  10. if the shipping costs are not too bad I would probably take the enclosures also, especially if they have the floods already mounted
  11. I will take them, trying to figure out how to pm
  12. By chance did you ever raise Emu's? In the early to mid 80's I had appox 50 breeding pairs.

  13. I looked at the Michigan map of displays. looks like the closest is near Auburn Hills.. Anyone closer to Grand Blanc? , I want to take my kids to see, so they can convince the wife to let me do a display next year.
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