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  1. Here is another option http://www.magicintheskylighting.com/product-p/m5100blue.htm
  2. Thanks for the feedback Dave! For folks looking at MITS for the first time here is our basic lighting information. Each strand is full wave, UL rated, dimmable and can be used on a number of light controllers. Bulbs are sealed and the socket in a molded husk construction that seals the lead wires in as well. They are rated at 100,000 hours of life. The wire is 22 Awg gauge. Bulbs are spaced 4 inches apart. The lead and tail are each 6 inches. Regular Strand lengths are as follows: 35ct 11.33 feet bulb to bulb, 12.33 feet total 50ct 16.67 feet bulb to bulb, 17.67 feet total 70ct
  3. I wanted to thank everyone who participated in our presale again this year! As you may know Google Checkout is being phased out, so we have retooled our website to handle credit card payments. Let me know what you think and if you have any issued please pm or email me [email protected] . The final batch of net lights should be arriving next week to complete the presale. Our inventory of left over lights (including our new tree line and incandescents) is complete and is now available at www.MagicInTheSkyLighting.com We will be adding LED retrofits soon so be sure to check back.
  4. This morning we received great news. The container is in San Antonio and customs has released it. We are set to take delivery in about an hour and will begin shipping. If you were a 30% down order look in your email for the balance. Thanks for everyone who ordered we will be getting the lights to you very soon.
  5. The container has landed in the US and is due in San Antonio on 5/29/13
  6. Received word today from the factory in China that our order is complete and will be heading to the docks for loading. We should have a container number for tracking purposes soon and will post the tracking information when it is available. ETA in the US is mid to late May.
  7. A big thanks to everyone for placing your orders. We will be taking them through tomorrow morning and then get the order over to China to let the manufacturing begin!
  8. Just a friendly reminder that our Presale with the 30% down option ends tomorrow Jan 8th. We will be taking calls tonight and tomorrow through 10:00PM CST 210-267-5371 if you have questions or want to place a phone order. To order online visit www.MITSLighting.com
  9. Symphony the lights are 120V 60Hz 0.04A 4.8Watts.
  10. Millhouse, Not sure of the problem, but unless your are ordering a truckload of lights sounds like a glitch in the FedEx table. Send me an email [email protected] or give me a call 210-267-5371 and we will work it out.
  11. Barry, got the add on. Will email you a confimed list in the morning.
  12. Hi Barry, Got the fax. Thanks again for you business this year. I am curious as to what you are cooking up for your show with those colors
  13. We have white wire with many colors and lengths, but all are regular spacing at 4". Let me know what you are lookong for and we can see if we can work it out for you
  14. Hi Stan, We will be selling past Jan 8th, but only have the current pricing in place until then, but hope the 30% down / 70 at shipping helps.
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