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  1. Home Depot carries the Mr. Christmas, if you have a Home Depot CC you could get it on installments that way.
  2. I purchased the LOR recently and dowloaded some sequences form this site to see how the software worked. After downloading a Free sequence "Carol of the Bells-Teno" and opening it up in LOR S2 I see the sequence layout however when I try to play the sequence I keep getting an error message that it can not locate the audio files. It is refering to the file that I downloaded the sequence to " My document/seguences downloads/carol of the bells/audio file not found. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong! Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I ran two Mr. C. last year and did the mod to have them syc. together. Used cat 5 cable to connect the two together. Also put the audio cut off switch and output plug to be able to broadcast audio. Do the mod to connect the two units together wasn't to difficult, just a little time consuming. I think I got photos of the mod somewhere on my computer if anyone is interested. Seemed to work out pretty good. Hope to use some LOR this year in I can find some sequences along with the Mr. C.
  4. rameyg

    Lor Sequences

    Can you recommend a website that I can download some of the songs that was used in the LOR downloads. Thanks
  5. rameyg

    Lor Sequences

    After seeing all the different displays on the internet I like so many others got bitten by "Christmas lights" bug. I have always had a static display at my home but last year I bought a LASOC from HD and got hooked. I decided I wanted to have more control over the sequences of the lights and made up my mind that I would have to move up to a LOR for 2011. Well in theory that sounded really easy. I downloaded the S2 software from LOR and decided to master the craft of sequencing lights. SHOCKER! You guys make it look so simple, BOY was I surprised! Anyway to get to my question, I reviewed the tutorials on LOR website and even downloaded some of the sequences that other had uploaded for the newbies. After downloading several of these I tried to run them but kept getting an error message that there was no "audio file" to run the sequence. Can someone help me out as to why the sequences want play. When downloading am I doing something wrong and not getting the music downloaded along with the sequences or is not included. Eveyone said you need to get started early in the year, now I know why! Your help would be greatly appricated.
  6. Well I finally got a chance to go by Lowes again to see if anything was left. Much to my surprise no one had figured out about the discount on the extension cords located in the electrical dept. I was able to pick up 32 10 ft 16/3 green cords for $1.74 each and a case of (21) 16/3 20 ft green cords for $2.24 each. That still left a case of the 10 ft and 20 ft at the discount price. I would have got those as well but not much money left over after Christmas. Now I want have a choice about switching to LOR for next year. I got to much invested in ext. cords. I think I've spent more on after Christmas ext. cords that I did on lights. LOL;)
  7. Thanks for the feed back. I stopped by the same Lowes store this evening and checked out the Christmas section to see what if anything was left. Everything was just about gone except some C7 & C9's so I thought I would see if anything was left of the ext. cords in the electrical dept. I could not believe that no one had decovered that the holiday cords and power stakes were 75% off. There was about 50 20 ft grounded cords still there along with the three pack spt cords and a variety of power stakes. Guess I'll go back tomorrow and buy all the 20 ft. cords that are left ($2.24) each along with some more of the 3 pack spt cords ($1.24) and a couple more of the $24.97 remote power stakes for ($6.24). Thanks
  8. I sure everyone know by now that Lowes reduced their Christmas lights by 75% today and everything was pretty well picked over at the Lowes I normally shop. Well almost all gone, I decovered that they had moved all their Holiday ext. cords and some GE holiday cord away from the Christmas decorations and no one realized they were 75% off. I purchased some, but didn't want to make a big deal until I found out what to buy. My questions is this, they had some 10':confused: & 20' grounded cords at 75% off as well as the three pack of SPT-1 cords (2-9 ft. 1 6ft.) and some 15 ft as well. Assuming they are still available what is the best type and length cords to buy. I like to go back today and make a purchase if they are not all gone. Next year will be my first year using LOR! Any help will be appreciated
  9. Our local Lowes had quite a few of the engery smart GE sets in the $15-$20 range on the 23rd. The also had a lot of 450 mini lights sets that must have been overlooked.
  10. Does anyone know where the best deals will be tomorrow. Lowes was 60% off , will they be any cheaper? What about Walmart, Kmart, etc? Thanks
  11. Was in Sam's club this evening and saw where they had marked down their 12 ft white/multi color LED icicles from $15.95 to $4.91. Thought that was`a great deal. What do you think?
  12. rameyg

    Countdown clock

    I use to store all my login names and passwords on my computer as pdf's as well until my hard drive crashed. Thought I would never get all my login names and passwords reconstructed. I now keep such info in a small journal kept under lock and key. My advise, keep them if both places. You never know when your computer will crash.
  13. rameyg

    Countdown clock

    Keeping up with instructions! It may not work for everyone but I found that if I put the instructions in a zip lock bag and tape it to the back/bottom etc. of the item I always know where to find it. (jmhtcw)
  14. Here's what I experienced with the GE coupons! Earily Friday morning I stopped by Lowes and say they had reduced lights by 40% so I immediatly went home and picked up a stack of $3 GE coupons and headed for Lowes. We have three stores within 20 miles of my home. At the first store I got 17 sets of cool white C7 for $.88 each. This Lowe's was out of minis and the choices was C7 or C9. Traveled to the second Lowes and was able to get 7 sets of 100 ct minis 1-blue and 6 red at $3.88 each. also picked up 6 Red C7, 6 Blue C7 and 1 cool white at $.88 each. They had the 50 ct cool white at this store but I didn't want to over do it and thought I would go to the Lowes closest to my home for my final purchase of LED's. Upon arrival at the Lowes about 4 miles from home I went straight to the Christmas section and could only find C7, 6 in Red and 6 Blue so I took these to the checkout with $3 coupon in hand and after the casher and floor manger had a discussion behind closed doors the cashier came back and told me that "I could not use the coupons with any other discount." so I was not able to use the coupons at this Lowes. I had to go across town today and decided to stop by the second Lowes I went to on Friday. They still had lots of C7 and C9 in white and color along with about 14 sets of 50 ct cool white. I took a box of twelve to the check out and showed the head cashier the coupons and she honored them and was able to buy the sets for $.88 each. The bottom line is it just depends on who waits on you at the checkout and if they happened to be having a bad day. Lowes is not out of anything by accepting the coupons and I believe some of the cashier just don't want you to be able to buy the lights so cheap. (MHTCW)
  15. I was in Sam's club this evening and saw where they had marked there LED C9 50 Ct from $9.95 to $4.91 Also the colored changing icicles from $15.95 to $7.91 as well as some long rolls of LED's. Is anyone familiar with the quality of there LED's. Would like to buy some tomorrow if they are any good for next year. Feed back would be appreciated.
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