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  1. DeWalt Wood bits...tried 1/2" and it just destroyed the wood. Thinking of maybe a step bit?
  2. Last year I made 3 window frames to outline my windows. I simply ziptied C7's to it. This year we bought all new c6's and I wanted to drill holes in the wood and push the bulbs through from the back. I used 1x2 furring strips for the frames. After drilling 5 holes, the entire piece split down the middle for the entire length of the board. I'm not handy with woodworking so are there any tips to stop the wood from cracking?
  3. Anyone have an updated list of NJ Displays, particularly South Jersey? We went around to a bunch of the ones listed on here last year and a lot of them didn't exist. 2 that we really liked were in Sicklerville and Cinnaminson. Those guys did an awesome job. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey guys, last year I built 3 window frames to go around the windows on the front of my house. Last year I used store bought C7's and simply zip tied them to the frames. Unfortunately the lights didn't last the season and I have to replace them this year. I bought 5 strings of red C6's and 5 green C6's to use around my windows on the exisiting frames however I'm having trouble figuring out the spacing. The 2 smaller windows are going to get a string of each color and the larger picture window is going to get 2 of each color. I'm also going to use a string of each around my door. The measurements on the windows/frames are as follows: Small windows - 4ft tall by 3ft wide. Total distance is 14 feet. Picture window is 8ft wide by 4 ft tall. Total distance is 24 feet. Each string is 70 bulbs and 24ft long. Do you guys have any tricks for figuring out uniform spacing? I've searched but couldn't find anything. Thanks!
  5. How long are they? I'm terrible at math and came up with roughly 7.5 feet. Just wanted to be sure. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the input so far guys! Right now the border across the front is red and green candy canes alternating colors tied together with red and green LED sphere lights from target. We also bought a big green LED wreath for the picture window and an LED Candy cane and snow man for the side windows. I was thinking about possibly picking up some of the big snow flakes from target for the roof, or a big merry christmas sign if i can buy one or find the time to make one with rope light.
  7. Help if I attached the pic...
  8. eng811ine

    Need Ideas!

    So this will be our 2nd year in our house. Last year was a simple static display that I want to build upon this year. I'm hopefully going animated next year, we'll see. I attached a pic of our "display" from last year for reference. The lights outlining the roof and windows were Red/Green color changers from Walgreens and the ones on the roof didn't last the season. Kept constantly going out and unfortunately I didn't save the boxes to take them back. This is what I'm planning on buying for this year from Paul at CDI: 1 case of Red LED Icicles 1 Case of Red 70ct C6's 1 Case of Green 70ct C6's This should allow me to replace all the existing color changers as well as outline 3 more windows on the side of the house as well as include icicles. I also have 2 new inflatables for this year. I'm thinking of adding some colored spotlights shining on the front of the house. I had originally wanted to go with a 500ft spool of cord/sockets and retrofit LED's for custom lengths but the shear expense of this has ruled that out. So, any other ideas from the decorating guru's out there to spruce the display up until I can go animated?
  9. I want this Snowman for my display but the closest Garden Ridge is over 6 hours away Anyone have an online source for this?
  10. where are you guys finding all the addresses for the displays? I'm from South Jersey, just outside philly, and would love to take the family around looking at lights in the upcoming nights.
  11. Yup, tried last night and tonight at 2 different stores...no go.
  12. Hey all, this is my first time posting here. My girlfriend and I just bought our first house and I can't wait to decorate it! I wanna outline my yard with mini arches, my plan was to use 10' sections of PVC with the ends space about 8' apart to give me a roughly 2' of height. My question is roughly how many strands of light does it take to cover a 10' section of PVC? I'd love to use LED's but it just isn't in the budget this year so with a baby on the way so mini's it is!
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