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  1. Howdy all It's been awhile. The kids are in Gatlinburg this week and have visited the Christmas stores there and are getting all Jazzed up. I hope they come back with a few items to add to the yard. I'm looking forward to this years display. The radio transmitter works great. Songs are mostly done. Power system should work for this years display, not added to much. Just need snow this year.:] I am looking for a LED rope light 12volt DC Current, White in color. Thanks for the help
  2. This is a secret so don't tell anyone. I go out late at night and borrow what I needfrom my sleeping neighbors. Remember this our little secret.:]
  3. Hand out Candy Canes to the kids big and small.
  4. Dude, are you living under a rock? Take out the fuse and put in a nail. That's whata HGTV TV PRO did and he's still breathing. These people here at PC don't have any real world knowledge. So go with the nail idea. :dude:I am just messin. The 3 rule is a good rule of thumb.
  5. Well I am enjoying my latest project. But I'm not found of the soldering pen I'm using a 25 watt pen from Lowes. Before I invest in a station I wanted to know what you recommend. I want to get a good one, one time, no more of slowly upgrading it just seems to waste money in the long run.
  6. Working on a Ramsey FM30. Whyare some restrictors installed horizontally and others vertically? Also what temp do you set your iron to?
  7. It is a little past midnight now. No longerChristmas day, 1 day past. When do you stop saying Christmas is over, whew and start saying Christmas is coming and looking forward? As you can tellI am up late listening to the kids play games and I can't sleep.
  8. This is the web site http://www.digikey.com [align=left]Digi-Key Part Number LMC6484AIN-ND Manufacturer Part Number LMC6484AIN Description IC OP AMP QUAD CMOS R-R 14-DIP[/align] [align=left]Hopefully it will work. [/align]
  9. Off topic a little. I would like a touch screen for visitors to choose whatever song or action scene they want from a list. Waterproof touch screen are available, I just don't know the how too.
  10. I'm assembling a Ramsey FM30 andinstalled the U5 Semiconductor LMC6484AIN backwards . Well I cracked it when trying to remove it. I was given a link to a source. Now to my question. I know nothing about what these things do just following the directions, will this chip need to be flashed or does it know what to do?
  11. Duane, No hard feelings.I was playing off your Message description line. " Turn lights on at the same time the redneck way" As for my Beer, it is protected quite well, I have a Tater Gun with a night scope. Nowthat's being a Redneck. Stop by and have a cold one. No Pabst Blue Ribbon, just Michelob Light or Bud Light, after all I am a high class Redneck. :}
  12. Photo cells do have a limit. It should be on the cell tag. You can go to the electric supply house and get what every size you need. I gotta ask. Do you have a toilet or a fridge on your front porch? :]
  13. I wonder what the "Nail Guy" would say? You don't need no stinking safety GFI. Be a man and wire it directly into your main house service. Bypass all the breakers and go for the feed coming from the street. Thats what real men do! Not me I'll pass
  14. I am a good ole boy here in TN. I say, shoot them with a Tater. yes a Tater. You'll haveto make a Tater Gun also know as a potato gun to you uppity folk. Easy to make, lots of noise even shoots out a flame at night. Put on a night vision scope and protect your stuff the Redneck way.
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