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    When I was about 5 years old, I heard a noise Christmas morning about 3am. The noise was dad trying to assemble a Matchbox Car service station which was to be from Santa under the tree and he was having a difficult time with assembly, muttering under his breath that all the parts weren't there. (mom tells me this part). So I was in process of waking up my 3 yr old sister telling her that Santa has visited. Mom intercepted us and shooshed us off to bed before we got downstairs. Mom and dad remember the night of little sleep due to assembling that Matchbox car service station.
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    2 score and 5 years ago, my mother and father brought apon this continent a child, conceived in october, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are not created equal.

    (some men have OCD and decorate their yards with dozens of plastic holiday figures)
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    Making it to retirement then moving to a warmer climate.
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    Its a work in progress.

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  1. Ahhhh yes, the blowmold storage problem....leading to garage, garage attics, sheds and basements which are full...blowmolds outside under lean-tos , tarps, bags. Have i ever mentioned that i used to be into 'doing lawn displays' in a significant way ?...haha... and due to a lack of space and some heart felt soul searching leading to me establishing and adhering to some priorities... i eventually had to scale things waaaaay back. 🙂 (as some of you display people know...its not just the storage problem which wears you out). A large temperature controlled pole shed would be my preference but al
  2. https://www.foxnews.com/us/minnesota-residents-christmas-light-display-shamed-for-harmful-impact Person receives letter in the mail from 'woke' SJW. Below is a 'snip' of the letter in the article. Use link to see full article. "I couldn't help but notice your Christmas light display. During these unprecedented times, we have all experienced challenges which casual words just don't describe what we're feeling. The idea of twinkling, colorful lights are a reminder of divisions that continue to run through our society, a reminder of systemic biases against our neighbors who don't
  3. I experience an on going problem with brittle blowmolds...especially the past several years. In my heyday my displays were primarily using snowman blowmolds. I did fly too close to the sun and eventually got burned out on doing the big display. I sold 95% of my collection. I still put up a display alternating winters, using spiral lighted trees and the 10 snowman blowmolds which people did not buy...the faded, common, dinged blowmolds. It is these remaining blowmolds which have a breakage problem. The fact that they did not sell at the end may have been indicative of the life they lived befor
  4. Lots of bulbs from china available. Im curious...are there comparable bulbs manufactured in the usa?...and if so how do the prices compare?
  5. Nice display. I like the blue snowman. Im running some colored bulbs in a few of my snowmen again this year. Additionally... Im especially loving the clarity of your outdoors photos. What is your secret? .. my pics seem to wash out. You must be using a 'real' slr type of digital camera on a tripod, with a slow exposure? I get too much traffic to be able to set up a camera on a tripod and shoot time exposed photos.
  6. Ill just chime in here, relative to the sub discussion about crazy high blowmold prices. Craigslist is bonkers, and Menards mind boggling. (I don't tryically buy blowmolds from ebay. The shipping is a killer.) So, the blowmolds I use these days for my outdoor display are the faded, cracked and common blowmolds which didn't sell when I liquidated the bulk of collection a number of years ago. Since the sell-off I have acquired a few snowmen from garage sales to replace the brittle ones which had to be put down. With prices the way they are, and that I live on a street with moderate amo
  7. Well, as a continuation of the 'brittle' saga... 3 days ago i began pulling the blowmolds from their storage area, getting ready to put up the display on black friday. Long story short, 2 of the brittle empire 48" snowmen that i was able to use 2 winters ago, just fell apart at the lightest touch. I began by removing the screw which attaches the light bulb bracket, but the slightest twist of the screwdriver immediately broke the plastic and the bulb assy fell to the inside where i fished it out. I ended up putting the snowman in a large garbage can then using a 2x4 to break the plastic into
  8. Being a little partial to snowman blowmolds... im Loving the photo of the long string of snowman blowmolds. The variety.
  9. $ 999.50 for the set in 1957. Wow! According to one website, thats almost 25% of an average annual income. Based on the price i cant help but wonder...was this intended for the general public for personal holiday displays?...or is this more of a 'pro' set for businesses? I cant see mom and Pop spending that kind of money on a holiday lawn Santa/Reindeer display. House: $10,000Average income: $4,494Ford car: $1879-$3408Milk: $1.00Gas: $.24Bread $.19Postage stamp: $.03Can of Libby’s peaches, 17 oz.: $ .25Swanson TV dinner: $.75Vermont Maid Syrup, 12 oz bottle: $.33
  10. Ive daisy chained 6ft and 12ft extension cords from blowmold to blowmod for years, never had any problem as long as you use cfl (or other low watt bulb) bulbs. Granted, when i display over 100 blowmolds then i run cords around the side of my house to plug into different circuits. Never blown a fuse once.
  11. I see one on ebay, Cartersville Ga, (within 50 miles of atlanta) for 68$ make offer. Granted its more than 40$ at menards but less than alot of the ebay auctions and maybe you can save the shipping if you will drive to pick up? This way at least yould have one this year.
  12. Interesting. I cant say ive ever seen one of these in person. I dont see any mention of a bulb or lights, so im presuming theyre not lit up like a conventional blowmold. "Molded from a rubber compound". You know how rubber breaks down, dries out, becomes brittle as the years pass by. Probably why you dont see them around so much today.I looked on ebay and there are currently 3 mold craft items listed. The rudolph deer head and the choir girl look to be made of the rubber compound, and have light bulbs on the outside lighting them up. The owl looks more like a conventional blowmold and
  13. the owl pumpkin blowmold photo in this thread appears to be the same one listed on ebay right now. Comparing the photos, i see a mark which looks like a pencil scribble to the right of the owls face, along with other similar identifying marks. the scribble is on both photos.
  14. The sellers ID is : Metallogics Hes currently got 10.500 items listed on ebay, so you would need to search his listings using: BLOW MOLD I wonder if theres money to be made by acquiring a few of the more popular molds, and contracting with a place to run your blowmolds. Then theres deburring, painting, light plate bracket and cord, transport, storage, and maybe more important than anything, a contract or network by way to sell them.
  15. Update to ordering a grinch blowmold from menards: Since my local menards was 'out' of grinch blowmolds, and a coworker told me his local menards was down to 1 grinch and a week had passed since then, i thought that rather than drive all over town looking for a grinch blowmold, that i would simply order one from menards online and write off the shipping cost to fuel savings and time. How simple is that? Right? Wrong. So, i ordered it and a week larer a box from menards was waiting for me on my door step. Curiously, the delivery person knew to put it at my back door. With todays do
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