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  1. do these hold up good? can it hold a lot of power? i plugged in a lot of stuff info it and works great so far. im really happy i bought one, helps a lot.
  2. i never used one before and just bought one, do i have to plug it directly into the wall or can i place it ouside and hook it up to an extension cord thats plugged directly into the wall?:confused:
  3. talked to my friend, he was correct the first time. buy 2 get 1 free. now what im wondering is using the coupon
  4. my friend is an idiot, they are ON SALE! from $12 to $7. thats why he said buy 2 get 1 free. They are all priced at around $7 atleast in my area. if you can use the coupon thats about $4 which is **** of a deal for 100ct. Its if i can get them to use the coupon which is the hard part.
  5. i have a few buddies who work at Lowes lol and got this info from them today 100ct GE LEDs buy 2 get 1 free. priced at $11 each. maybe these coupons can still work? im gonna go try at a different Lowes location tomorrow.
  6. not sure if this can be combined but Home Depot is offering $3 trade in for your old lights on GE LED lights. up to 5 sets of old lights you can bring in and you get $3 for each. Soooo what im wondering if can you combine the coupon with that? that would be $6 off.
  7. i just confused everyone basically LOL im mainly talking about outlets, all i need it outlets to hook lights up to. its frustrating and hard hooking up all these lights all across the house and yard and no way to hook them up together or each other. thats the problem.
  8. where do i plug that into? extension cable outside or the outlet in the garage?
  9. maybe im not talking about the right thing either LOL this is confusing. i need something that has a lot of outlets on it. i dont know what to use like i said before ive had things get burnt out by plugging in too many.
  10. so its not smart to hook up an extension cable in the garage then hook up another extension cable on the outside on that same extension cable?
  11. well im not doing as much lights as most of you. im doing a normal amount but want it to go smoothly and dont wanna spend money on some more lights only to run into some problems.
  12. i know im new around her but i can voice my opinion and ask questions but why are you guys upset over the use of the coupon? its a legit real coupon and no one was doing anything wrong. now had it been a fake coupon then i can see why some of you are upset. you guys work at lowes? manage? own stock in lowes? whats the deal?
  13. anyone got pics of the extension cords they use? i cant have a 4 or 5 plug extension hooked in the garage going outside then hooking up 5 lights to it? but the problem with me is no too many outlets in my garage. for some reason my house wasnt built with any outdoor outlets around the house like some of the newer ones have.
  14. you are lucky then, people must not be abusing them in your area. they cracked down on them this afternoon since tons of people came into the lowes i go to and had a meeting about it from what i heard. soon as i handed the lady the coupon she just goes sorry this is a fake coupon. we cannot take it since GE wont honor it and you will be getting them for 33 cents.
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