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  1. Do you have your software on a external hard drive or do you have them right on the net books hard drive??
  2. I am wondering if I put the software and sequences on a external hard drive, would I be able to run my show off of a Net Book?? Intel Atom N450 processor 1GB memory; 160GB hard drive 10.1" WSVGA Acer CrystalBrite LED-backlit display Webcam, Multi-in-1 card reader, Wi-Fi Windows 7 Starter
  3. Looking at doing a mega tree next year and my biggest question is, How do you get the lights to the top of a 20 foot tree? I have seen the pully system and I have seen guys use a bucket truck?? Any other suggestions? Thanks
  4. I am going to be using light o rama for my display that would be awesome if you could get me started! Once I figure out my songs and setup I will let you know! My problem with using sequenced that other people post is I have a hard time implementing them into my display. the hardest thing for me is to get the mini trees looking good it seems like they are doing the same thing over and over again
  5. I am trying to get some of my sequencing done for next year. I have about 2 songs done but they do not look too good at all. (maybe i am not talented enough) I am looking at having 10 mini trees, 16 channel mega tree, a couple snow flakes and i few channels outlining the house. How much will it cost me to have one of you sequence this for me? Is it easier to sequence using the actual software other than using the sample software also? I am just lost here!
  6. Just wondering the addresses in Aberdeen, SD that have animated displays? My kids love watching them, (well ok its me thatl loves it) but thats besides the point.
  7. I am starting to shop now for my lights for next year. Planning on running a 32 channel display next year. Just wondering what a good price is for 100 ct mini lights? I looked at menards today and they were selling them for .98 after a 1.00 rebate, only problem is limit of 4. How cheap do lights get right after christmas??
  8. Yes this helps out a lot!! Thanks for the input guys!!
  9. I have one outlet outside my house. The outlet is a GFCI and it is run to a 20 Amp breaker. I beleive this is the only outlet on this breaker. What am I allowed to run, or what can this breaker handle? Looking at doing 10 mini trees with 300 mini's on it, 100 Feed of LED's on my house and a mega tree using 16 channels? Is this one outlet going to handle it?
  10. Ok next question, How does a person sequence one of these? How many channels does it require?
  11. Sorry i do not have a picture or a video of it but I will explain it! There is a guy in our town who has a display and he has 2 arches that are a LED bars, or rope light thing. it changes colors red, white, greeen, blue...many colors and it also chases and bounces and does everything. Someone please tell me where you can purchase one of these?
  12. I am getting everything together this year to build a display next year and have a couple questions. I am planning on making my 10 mini trees out of tomato plant cages. My question is we get quite a bit of snow here in SD, wondering if the metal and the snowy ground is going to cause problems with my breakers? Am I going to need to put each mini tree on a platform? or possible on a piece of plywood?? Thanks
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