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    Begging my parents to put up the Christmas tree!
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    Just getting started...want to move up to LOR this year or next.
  1. Merry Christmas to all!
  2. We have an inflatable Nativity that is still in great shape, but several bulbs have burned out. I think it's a Gemmy, but not sure. Inside I've seen some of the bulbs that are in the plastic shell. Is there a trick to getting at all of the bulbs? The Nativity is a bit of an intricate piece and I was thinking I might need to turn it inside out through the zipper to get at all the bulbs, especially the one up at the star. Can anyone give me a couple of tips or tricks to this? Thanks, John
  3. Here are a couple pictures from our show in 2012. We added lighted wreaths to the windows on the front of the house. It definitely added some cool animation effects having a neat grid ready to go.
  4. Hi Andy, Lucy and I won't be able to make it this year. We have a conflict with another event we had committed to. Looking forward to hearing about all the great demos this year. John
  5. Wow, getting started early this year! Lucy and I will probably be there, though this far out, we never know what might come up with kids school, etc. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.
  6. If your panel is buzzing, make sure your cover panel is secure, as well as the door. It's normal for some humming depending on what brand of circuit breaker you have, but AC current does create magnetic fields at 60Hz and can cause loose equipment to buzz. One time I installed a new breaker panel and the cover panel was loose, but it didn't become noticeable until one of the major appliances was running enough current to make the buzz VERY loud. Scared the heck out of me!
  7. Yeah, way to much work for that. We just hung lighted wreaths on each window, independently controlled by LOR this year. Will post pictures shortly!
  8. I hope everyone has had a Blessed Thanksgiving today and the prep for this year's display is going well. I still have a little work to do, but will try my best to finish tomorrow for a debut. It's going to get pretty darn cold Sat, so that is a motivator for me. On a sad note, I checked Bill Vaughn's Collingwood Lights web page today and saw that he was unable to have a display this year. So sorry to hear that, but I know my family and I will be looking forward to seeing Bill again hopefully next year!
  9. Hi Everyone!, Working on the display this week, hoping to have our debut Thanksgiving eve, definitely this weekend if there's a glitch. Will have several new elemtns this year, so I am excited. Moved up to 48 channels of LOR this year too. When is everyone planning their debuts? Lucy and I definitely want to get out and see more of our friends' displays this year, especially everyone we met at the Franktronics Mini this year. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Families! John
  10. Ready to get started with the show for 2012!

  11. Mine finally shipped and should be here tomorrow. I probably won't start decorating until mid-November, but need some time to assemble my LORs and get them labeled and tested.
  12. Anyone have their LOR Summer Sale order ship yet? I'm within a couple days of 8 weeks since I ordered (8/11) and no word or updated status.
  13. I've had good success with strobes from Christmas Light Show I bought both types of regular strobes last year, ones that flash about 1 per second and ones that flash 3-4 times per second. I'd say the ones flashing 3-4 times per second are the best look. I've heard compaints that the LED strobes just don't cut it, but I havent tried them personally. John
  14. I ran LOR last year on my iMac using Parallels and TinyXP. Worked well and I could still minimize Parallels in the background while doing other work. Ran much better than I was expecting once I got the installation details worked out.
  15. Frank, thanks again for making this year's VA Mini a great success. Lucy and I are looking forward to seeing Stephen's, Paul's and your displays this year. We will definitely make an effort to come down that way. To our newbies, we were in your shoes last year. It's great fun and it's easy, we definitely can offer up any newbie help in getting started. Once you get the LOR it's so simple to start adding and tweaking things. We only intended to have the capability to turn the lights on and off all together, but once we saw how is easy that was we added sequences from the LOR website. For those on Facebook, please come visit our Lake Ridge Lights page at http://www.facebook.com/lakeridgelights Also, anyone interested in any voiceovers, Lucy said she'd be happy to work with you on a creation. Either reply back here through a PM or on FB.
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