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    Silverhill, Al.
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    train nut with America's only authentic steam powered Welsh narrow gauge railway in his back yard. see www.waleswest.com
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    Dreaming up, discovering, and incorporating mechanical devices,art & architecture and bringing to bare as it relates to spreading joy to all man kind.
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    Jack of all trades.
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    My display has over 1,000,000 lights and hundreds of blow-ups and decorations spread out along a mile of railway.
  1. Hi fellow Xmas lovers. I want to make some larger than life plywood figures of the Grinch & friends to use as targets for our snowball cannon this year (see www.waleswest.com) To save time I'm hoping someone out there has some patrons for sale. We typically ride 7,000+ kids over the course of our Christmas program and all of them will want to shoot snowballs (tennis balls painted white) at anything that might try to steal Christmas!
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