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  1. There's my display for this year. I've had to re-jig some of it since this sequence due to power management issues (one of my outside outlets does NOT like to get wet.) My wife is on the lookout for deals, we're looking to fill in the Canadian Flag a bit better, so a few more red and white LED's will be a good thing. I think next year I'm going to have the Canadian Flag up for 11 November. NS
  2. Thanks Paul, I registered, but I guess the site manager is on vacation....no activation e-mail sent as of yet. *shrug* Not a big deal :-) After all, it's only July...
  3. Thanks Lightzilla! I'm having a peek at the Christmaslights.ca website now! Thanks for sharing! Brad
  4. Anyone else in Nova Scotia? I'm in the Waverley area. Ran about 5,000-ish lights last year, and picked up another 5,000-ish after Christmas. I should have 10-12,000 lights running this year. Brad
  5. Very interested in the C-6 type, as that's what I'm mostly running right now. I did not tag in on the M5's for that reason. Thanks for keeping us in the loop Ryan. NS
  6. Here's a short test video (no sound) Blackberry's don't do half bad videos, eh? NS
  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... I took a couple hours this afternoon and tied everything into the light-show box. (My little LASOC) I'm all ready to go live with it all....all I have to do is turn up the volume, and initiate the sequence. That's not set to go live for another couple of weeks though. I plan to have it go "on" for the wife's office Christmas party night that we're hosting. After adding a couple more candy-canes, I decided to re-check the load with the light box in the cct, and it turns out that I'm drawing about 430-ish watts, which actually means my 6 hours of "showtime
  8. I ran a power meter on my lights for a couple hours last night, and in 2:48, I used 650 watts. Not too shabby! That means that my 4500 (ish) lights are costing me about $.10 a day to run. This is why I like LED's!!! NS
  9. Ok, All the lights are up now...including a "few" extra that I had around from last year. My new total on lights is just shy of 4500. I have to tie them into the light-box now, but this is the overall layout. Almost all of them are LED's, the Candy-cane's and the spot-light being about the only exceptions to that. [ATTACH=CONFIG]39792[/ATTACH]
  10. Busy today with kids Soccer, church, soccer, etc, only got another 10 strings or so up. Here's today's progress: [ATTACH=CONFIG]39656[/ATTACH] I'm not going to put out the inflatables for another couple of weeks, just before the party at the end of the month. I still have the HO HO HO to do, then I'll see what else I have lights left to make...I'm pondering adding the HO HO HO onto some wood stakes so that it's raised off the ground. We'll have to see. NS
  11. I picked up another 4 LED strings at Costco today and added them to the roof, so I've got the outline done. Takes me up to about 40 strings so far. I'm probably going to work up the HO HO HO tonight and my Candy-canes too. We'll see where I end up....it's dark already, and I'm not sure how cold I really want to let myself get... NS
  12. Add one of these to your roof-line.... I did! (Pics to follow tomorrow!) [ATTACH=CONFIG]39601[/ATTACH]
  13. Oh, And since I turned the lights on at about 7-ish tonight, I've had 3 cars do drive-by's to look already! SUCCESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Aye, it's been a gooder! Still a bunch of work left, this is only about 35 strings of lights up, but they were the hardest (roof and windows) after this it's ground level, so that will make things go faster. NS
  15. Flanigan, This is only day 2 of my setup....the inflatables are still inside, and I've got a whole pile of stuff left to do! I've gone with almost 100% LED's for my show, and LED Net lights are $35 a pop here-abouts. So, I'm not up with the net-lights yet. I'm thinking on seeing what they cost after Christmas and picking up a few of them then. Also, I'm only running one of the Light and Sounds of Christmas boxes, so there is only so much I can do with it. Stuff still on my "do do" list: 1. Garland and lights on the banister 2. HO HO HO on the lawn 3. Inflatables setup
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