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    Store boughts light netting on my shrubs, rope lights down the walkway, an inflatable Santa, and an automated Penguin. I want to start building my own decorations.

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  1. I just checked my old LOR software license, and it seems that I can pay a discounted renewal price to upgrade from my original S3 software to the newest S5 version. Then, I guess I would need to add the SuperStar Add-On, and of course buy the lights. I'll head over to the LOR forum and continue my research.
  2. This was also the big confusion for me... not understanding the intricacies of the controllers, I am still researching what makes sense for me. But, Falcon seems to be the standard for most people. Another big factor for me is support... What kind of technical support do you get from the companies?
  3. Thanks for the tips. I was checking out the HolidayCoro website. I do like some of the all-in-one kits that they have available. I have some experience with the original LOR controllers and software, so I won't be completely in the dark. But the whole pixel thing seems a bit intimidating with all of the options.
  4. I am planning to buy pixels for the first time. Besides the 20 pixel strips that I want to buy, what is a typical starter shopping list? Controller, software, accessories, strip holders for 12-strip tree, arch bases, etc... I need to consider everything!
  5. Hi! Due to some personal issues, I have decided not to continue an animated display on my tiny property. As a result, I have a few things that I'd like to sell. But, I don't want to bother with shipping... If anyone is in Maryland (or within driving distance), I'm looking to sell the following: (1) Effortless 8' Christmas Tree with Star and white rope light; (from ChristmasLightShow.com) with uncut PVC - Never used. (2) Cosmic Color Ribbon CCR150 (Purchased from LOR in 2011, only used one during Halloween) (1) LOR 1602 16-Channel Controller (Purchased from LOR in 2010, Only used 1 year) (1) LOR USB485 Communications Adaptor (Purchased from LOR in 2010, Only used 1 year) (8) LED Pure Green (Mini Ice - M5) Light Set, Green Wire (Item #7157, Purchased in 2011 from Christmas Lights Etc, never used) PM me for price info/negotiations. Thanks! Jay
  6. I'm using the Michael's pumpkins for the first time this year and, like Peppers-Palace pointed out, the only issue with shadows from the seam is if you don't carve all the way through. If you are doing straight-through carving, you shouldn't experience any issues with the seam. Also, the Michael's pumpkins do not come with a hole in the bottom. I have found that if you drill a 3/4" hole, a C7 bulb and socket will push through with just enough resistance to hold the bulb in place.
  7. Hi! I just ordered two Cosmic Color Ribbons and I want to be able to use them in my Halloween Display (first Halloween display ever). Does anyone have sequences using CCR that you'd be willing to share? Thanks! Jay
  8. I definitely don't want the cluttered look, so I think one of my main projects will be to add more lights on my shrubs... more bulbs and more of each color. I have a mini mega tree, and will do the same with it... change out all the multi-colored strings for white, red, and green strings. That will take it from 4 to 12 channels, maybe more. As far as the size, I only have a 3.5ft. area to work with at the base, and it's 5.5ft tall. I can't expand the base any, so if I go any taller it will be too narrow for my liking. I may work on adding a couple of arches or light poles, and I'm seriously looking into an RGB effect.. maybe the D-Light Firefli, maybe the LOR CCR. And, I'm still not sure if I'm going to do anything for Halloween, since we traditionally spend Halloween night at a friends house in another community.
  9. I have really enjoyed my first year with animated lights! In fact, my only regret is that I didn't have more solid colors to work with. I've always used multi's in my static display over the years, so I ended up just using the same lights this year. NOW, I know that I want to be able to turn my entire display white, red, or green! So, I'm already planning on at least one more controller (possibly two), and I'd also like to add some RGB effects (Cosmic Color Ribbon, Rainbow Tubes, etc). My biggest issue is that I live in a townhouse and my entire display has to fit in my front yard which is less than 400 square feet!
  10. I agree! This was my first year, and most of my show is comprised of variations of sequences that I found on LORsequences.com... HOWEVER, I created my own sequence to a new song called Peppermint Winter and I am more proud of that song than any other part of the show. Even if "Wizards" looks better, there is still a certain pride that you feel when MY sequence starts. By the way, if anyone is interested in the Peppermint Winter sequence, I'd be happy to share via email. I just haven't had the chance to upload anywhere. And, the video on my site doesn't do it justice because it was recorded during my first test.
  11. You can always edit the two mp3 files together using Audacity or some other audio editing tool. Or, I would be happy to help you out with some basic edits if you'd like.
  12. Thanks for the link! I can't wait to show my 5 year old when I get home from work.
  13. Thanks! I think I'll use the 2 show method as well. I'm adding another song today, adding the static show, and my 5 year old just reminded me that we have a section of net out.
  14. I would like to add 30 minutes to an hour of static lights after my LOR show ends. Do I have to program a sequence to do this, or is there a setting that I can change in the control panel?
  15. Hi Mary! I'm a newbie, myself. I started out by purchasing the Light-O-Rama starter package, which consists of one 16-channel controller, the LOR software suite (I upgraded it to Standard), and the required connections (USB adapter and Cat5 cable) to get you started. Here's what my setup consists of (15 channels being used): Small mega-tree (4 channels) 2 mini-trees (2 channels) C9 LEDs across my gutter (1 channel) Windows (1 Channel) Entryway shrubs (1 channel) Walkway Ropelights (1 channel) 4 small shrubs(4 channels) 2 Penguin Wireframes (1 Channel) Here are a couple of videos of my test run... just ignore the bad strings in the "mega"tree. I haven't had a chance to re-record the show. http://www.facebook.com/v/477738883569 http://www.facebook.com/v/477725843569 Have fun! Jay
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