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  1. 4130 lights is what I picked up.. I tried to leave what I didn't want... LOL hoping there will be some left at lowes in a day or 2 and they'll go movre than just 50% off.. I really want to convert from cool white leds to warm white next year... Just love something about the way they look..
  2. Yea me three, I'll take them off your hands... Their never too bright, unless your like me and have 3750 of them on your roof... Then it's just like a white orb in the sky when they cut on... It will literally light up my yard when they cut on, looks like a football field almost lol
  3. We made the local paper, then the local news station got a hold of the guy that did they story for the paper wanting my info.. So he left it up to me to contact the news station. My only condition on doing either of the 2 was to not have my name put it the story, which the paper had no problem with, they just called me Mr. Griswold ... I'm a correctional officer and would prefer current and former inmates from knowing exactly where I live... Now they don't want to do it because they were trying to get me on camera, O well, their loss lol
  4. Its the camera, the green may be a little off due to my walls being gray also... But it shows up green well, and yes I love the blue also, by far the brightest. They sell them by the 20's on ebay I think I bought them here http://www.aliexpres.../103354821.html (they also have them waterproof for a few extra $'s) in qt's of 100. I ordered 3 lots for a total of 300 modules (600 leds of each color), I ended up over ordering by 100 but O well, we're trying to buy our first house this year anyways so I might need them. The best part of the aliexpress.com was the delivery time, They were picked up in hong kong on Nov 4th and delivered to my house Nov 7th... DHL very impressed! If you do them like me you'll need 34 modules per 8' section, thats with me doubling them up to brighten it up a little bit, I added quick connects to the ends of them so I can easily disconnect them at the end of the season.
  5. So far I've had no problems dimming, however once they get to a low dim point you cant really even see them from the road but so far I'm liking them, debating if I want to add white modules for next year or not.. Prolly won't since about 75% of my display is white leds...
  6. So here's what I'm trying to accomplish... I have my mega tree with a inexpensive $10 led start on top... I have 2 channels for the tree, green and white. How can I have the star come on with both colors, without using 1 more channel just for 1 star. I tried a diode with a common wire, with 2 male plugs on the end, which worked for about 20 seconds then blew 3 out of 6 fuses on my green mega tree... I know there has to be a way to do it, but if not then next year I'll add it to a separate channel.
  7. Just remembered I had a few test photos on my pc... So here they are, these were taken from a motorola cell phone so they aren't the best in the world. The lights do look better from a distance, the blue is also REALLY bright.. I almost wanted to sequence the cops theme song for it... LOL
  8. Thought I'd share my floods with everyone. I purchased about 500 rgb modules from china, purchased on a Friday and delivered by DHL on Monday, was VERY HAPPY. I mounted them to a 1X2 and placed them under the eves of my house, they light up really well at night. I plan to add white modules for next year. I used 3 power supplies for each color and have them on different channels. I know there is a different way you can do this with lor but being my first year with lor, I took the easiest way possible.. And only spent maybe $150 total and have about 200 lights left over. I bought them on the alibaba.com site, they are like these though. http://www.ebay.com/itm/DC12V-225-LED-9-Module-Red-Blue-Green-RGB-Light-Lamp-/280769405002?pt=AU_Home_Outdoor_Lighting&hash=item415f29204a and I used a simple 12v 1a power supply with the ends cut off http://www.ebay.com/itm/280749548564?ru=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%3A80%2Fsch%2Fi.html%3F_from%3DR40%26_trksid%3Dm570.l2736%26_nkw%3D280749548564%26_fvi%3D1&_rdc=1 I'll try and get some night photos posted
  9. I really need to start looking at the forums more! Too bad I was at work that morning, but the wife could of hit them up for me.. I'm sure this deal is over already...
  10. I got into all the animated displays by the GE Lights and Sounds of Christmas (which I have for sale on ebay).. Yes it was meant to be indoors and had a built in speaker, but since I kept it on the porch out of the weather it worked fine, I added a mp3 jack to it to use a modified mp3 fm transmitter. Since everything was fully programmed I just plugged lights into the 6 outlets and went! It powered what I needed for the time being, and this year I upgraded to LOR and found out just how much time it takes! Just take your time, don't make your lights look thrown together, and please no X's on the windows, I'm in the south so we get that alot... or the occasional half blinking multi color strand connecting a bush to the roof as a extension cord lol...
  11. Yea my store manager called me and said they would take the coupon, just let the casier know I spoke with him when I came in. I'm not sure if it'll work on the holiday living brand though.
  12. awesome! can't say it's a copy when it's online! printx100 isn't copying lol
  13. does anyone have a link to he actual site the coupon came from? be nice to prove to lowes, it's not a copy when it's on the web... i go the link to the pdf but i'm sure they won't count that..
  14. My stores being stupid about this. Saying they can't take a printed coupon, bla bla bla can't do the home depot match because of a email from corporate... I am curious though why is it only Minnesota gets the coupon? Whats so special about them? If your going to put a coupon out you need to have it all over the USA not just one or 2 states...
  15. I'm considering going a different route and not going with this vendor. Just curious though has anyone had any experience with the leds with the clear wire, do a search on ebay for 10m led fairy light. I found another vendor would supply them to me for under $4 but I'm worried about the quality of them.
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