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  1. WOW!! You guys have such beautiful displays and houses. Very tasteful and classy. You make me proud to be a fellow New Yorker. Yes, last year our display was shown on TLC and HGTV. Glad you saw it...
  2. I live in Brooklyn, NY... I didn't take any videos last year but I found this video on youtube that someone took of my house. I didn't start setting up for this year yet.
  3. Romar904

    CDI leds

    Have you tried to fade your c7's yet. I have not tested mine yet and I'm just curious if they fade OK with LOR...
  4. Brooklyn Here.... I like the new format....
  5. Thanks for the link AnnaLisa...I also found my house on there... http://www.hgtv.com/hgtv/ah_entertaining_decor/article/0,1801,HGTV_3113_5761185_02,00.html and I received this e-mail from TLC who also filmed at my house last year: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Greetings all, It's that time of year to 'light up' once again, take a sip of eggnog or glogg, get cozy and set your TIVO's!!! That's right it's the premiere of "MORE CRAZY CHRISTMAS LIGHTS." This years show takes us from coast to coast in a "Battle of
  6. I'm about 75% done. Still some wireframes to put up and some wiring to finish. I worked on my display for 10 hours straight yesterday and I'm pretty tired today. Hey dfern, I noticed that youlive inBrooklyn. I live in Dyker Heights on 71st street and 11th ave. Are you anywhere close to me?
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