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    Christmas 2010 will be my first display. It will only consist of 48 channels and will be sync to music for the most part.
  1. Nice find. Now you have me checking craigslist for my area.
  2. Mine was cray expensive so that's why I'm looking to mix them now. It cost me $700 just to do warm white icicles around the front of my house.
  3. I'm no lighting guru like others, but I have no problem running them on the same circuit. Funny you say that because I notice the same thing. My green LEDs are super bright. They even glow in the dark when they are not even plugged up.
  4. x2! I love this show. I hope one day I can donate to help out. Thank for sharing Paul.
  5. It hasn't even been 30 mins, and Jeff has already contacted me. The plugs are on the way! You guys are the best. Dustin
  6. I just sent him an email. Thank you for this. I would be worthless without these forums.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. For this year, I went with hot glue. It worked out pretty good. I had to re glue a few of them but nothing too bad. My only two complaints are they were time consuming and mini lights are all not perfect. Example, going up the arch some minis may be on the left of strand and some on right causing them not to look perfectly straight.
  8. Hi, Does anyone know where I can get some spt 2 vampire plugs? I found them on actionlighting.com but it will cost me $60 to have them over nighted. That seems crazy. Surely a different shipping service wouldn't cost this much. I need to have them here by Thursday. Any advice is apprecaited. Dustin
  9. Thanks for everyones input! I bought some clear incandescent lights today and not too bad. They are a little different but pretty dang close. Much better than the incandescent multis I bought. This will help save a lot of money on my archs and many other things. As I add more lights, it will become even harder to see the difference.
  10. As of now, I am 100% LED’s which has been very expensive! I was going to add some mini trees to my display using multi incandescent lights, but they look horrible sitting on top of my green and red LED yard grid. Is anyone else having the same problem having LED and incandescent in the same display? I was told that the clear/white incandescent is pretty close to warm white LEDS. I guess I will buy a box this weekend to check it out. This might be a good way to save some money in my display. I can't decide to add in some incandescent lights which would allow me add a great amount of lig
  11. I feel the same way you do. You have done a great job. This is my first year and I have 48 channels. My problem is I am going all LED and it has been super expensive. I could have triple the amount of lights, if not more, than I do now if I wouldn't of chosen all LED lights. On the positive note, I have some bright lights . I wish I could get more, but I am like you and there has to be a spending limit. I was excitied about mine at first, but now that it is up I feel different. I am kinda bummed out because I want more. I just wanted to share my experience so you wouldn't feel along.
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