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    I'm new to the Christmas light business. Came here to start learning.
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    Very small display. I've only been putting up lights for a few years.

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  1. I started 3 weeks ago. Just wrapping trees, nets in shrubs and flower beds, etc. After Halloween I start going full force.
  2. I just Googled this. Holy Moly. What a display.
  3. I've seen these too. They seem to be some kind of mesh with lights embedded. Hard to tell at night and my wife wouldn't let me get out of the car to inspect them closer. She's weird like that.
  4. Do not remove the big tree from your display. It's the center piece, in my opinion
  5. Yep, I got a Kill A Watt last year and it's fantastic. No need to guess or do math. Math is hard and I was told there would be no math.
  6. Contact him anyway. I'm curious as to what he will say. BTW, my Dad was also an electrician, which is probably why I don't know much. He did everything for me.
  7. I know everyone is probably busy finishing up their display, but it's cold, rainy and nasty here so I can't do anything and I had something pop into my mind about extension cords. One of those thick, green outdoor cords like you get at any hardware or big box store is rated for 13 amps (some more that that, obviously). We all use these to tie in smaller extension cords like the indoor/outdoor brown ones that lead out to different individuala elements of the display. That's how I do it anyway. But even the small cords are rated for 13 amps, same as the heavey duty expensive cords. Aside from the fact that the big green cords are much longer, is it safe to say they are interchangeble? Couldn't we use a small brown cord to tie in different elements and save money? I also realize they aren't supposed to be used outdoors, but we use them anyway. Another question. And let me preface this by saying I don't do this because I realize it isn't safe. It's just a hypothetical. If I wanted to run a cord inside, under a door...again, very unsafe...and the load on the cord would be 8-10 amps (again, tying in several display elements that would normally all go to a big, green cord rated for the same 13 amps), couldn't I use a plain old little brown cord? What would be the difference? Edit to add: 3rd prong on the bigger cords is probably the key to this question, I would think.
  8. I vote freaky, but that's just me.
  9. I zip tie two together, wrap in red and white lights, and put them over 1/2 emt driven into the ground.
  10. Thanks for the info. Just picked up the sign and it looks great. I was assured it would last for years.
  11. Thanks. I did find a local sign shop that took care of it in a day. That was the simplest route.
  12. Thanks to both of you.
  13. Interesting. I would have never thought about an auto shop. It's going to be coro?
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