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  1. I'm going to be working so I won't be able to make it.
  2. I'd like to join up for sure. Hopefully my work schedule will allow it.
  3. Its getting to be a little bit closer to crunch time. So just thought I would send out a friendly reminder. Don't loose all of your hard work. Back Up today. Don't wait until it's too late!
  4. Be careful with Hot Glue. We used it last year and once it got really cold the lights pulled it off. It may not for you since yours went on cold, but just wanted to let you know what we ran into.
  5. Online sales? Where? I need lots of lights for my second year also and have yet to find any at the local stores. Where can I get lights or spt online for cheap. I prefer incan's to led's. I really don't like the look of LED's
  6. Yes people really spend between $160 to $240 on controllers. But if you ask most of the people with 100+ channels they'll tell you, they didn't get there overnight. Most people started out with 16-32 channels and added a controller or two every year. I have talked to people that bought two, then the next year bought three more, then bought four the following year. It's all based on what you can afford. The cheapest way is to buy the kits during the sale. But ask anyone on here and they'll tell you "This is an expensive and addicting hobby." P.S. Nice job on your sequencing.
  7. Per Richard, They asked him to send them a video, and told him they may or not use it. Then they told him last month they would be using it and even managed to add his name in to the script. Check out his facebook page for all the details. https://www.facebook.com/holdmanchristmas
  8. CBS has the full episode online today. That was pretty cool. I wonder if the had Richard program that for them at the end.
  9. Vm has lag issues and didn't seem to work. boot camp on the other hand works great, provided you get the correct drivers to load.
  10. Have you actually received your controller yet? You may be waiting for some time as LOR is still behind on shipping all the back orders. It may be best to start for 2012 rather than crunch for 2011. As for your questions. 1. Check out Ultra Shows for some example sequences. 2. You can start and stop your play back in the sequence editior using the space bar, or you can change the play range to just the windowed view or selected section. 3. The best tips I can say are, take your time, learn and ask questions. Buy lots of extension cords, when you think you have bought enough, go buy some mo
  11. Welcome to PC. Feel free to ask questions and learn a lot. If you want to go animated next year now is the time to start learning and attempting to program. Don't wait!!
  12. This may be the how to you are looking for.
  13. You can only connect 3 strands end to end due to the size of the wire and risk of shorting. As for stacking the plugs, there is theoretically no limit to how many you can plug like that. However I keep mine to 3 or 4. Stacking is simply plugging the male end into the back side of the other stands male end. So as you add more and more strands it creates a stacking effect.
  14. Any of the EDM's are great. I bought the EDM-LCD-CS-EP, but I see a lot of people going with the EDM-LCD-RDS-EP because of the RDS support. Just for clarification, the CS Series is the High Quality, and the TX Series is the Ultra High Quality. But all EDM's are going to preform great.
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