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  1. Always make sure you are constantly backing up your progress on sequencing. Keep cd's with your songs, and keep copies of you layouts and designs. Computers die, it happens and since LOR and other programs we tend to use don't need a fancy computer, we tend to use old machines we normally wouldn't use. These machines may die on you and you would lose everything. While we are at it, you may want to keep a spare of everything in your show that's a necessity. Keep a spare controller, a spare FM transmitter, spare extension and Ethernet cables, and of course, spare bulbs. You will thank yourself w
  2. My question is, how does everyone keep their songs and sequences neat and tidy. I have a few that are done, a few that need refining and a few that I am not going to be using but would like to keep. How do you keep them separate so you know what is what? Everytime I move them, or make copies for back-up I have to relink the songs, and photos, is there a better way?
  3. I figured. I keep telling myself I need to get working on it. It always helps when I show people my idea's and see their faces light up. I can't wait to see the end result. This will be my first year going animated. I have a lot to live up to since only 10 miles away is the Redneck Christmas display.
  4. I believe it is 150lbs per shelf, but not more than 400lbs per unit.
  5. When is a good time to start? Last year I decided to go animated, and I already drew a layout, and programmed a few songs, but I have since taken a break. So when is a good time to start programing, and when should I need to be done to get the show right? I know the actual answer is NEVER, but I need a baseline idea of how long it takes to program 4 or 5 songs, and how long it takes to set up a basic show. I have 16 channels this year, but still plan on having a mega tree. Any ideas on a timeline?
  6. Well, I found out the problem was linked to checking the do not show this at open box. If you have Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, you may have problems with this too. I was able to remove that key from the registry and it worked fine. I tested my theory on another laptop and got the same result. I informed LOR of what I found and they are looking into it. Hopefully if anyone else has this problem they can fix it now.
  7. Thanks. I'll give that a try. Hopefully that will help.
  8. I am not running a demo version. I was afraid to uninstall it because I don't have another liscense key for it. My first computer crashed, and my second computer is the show computer. This one was supposed to by my dedicated programming computer, but now I can't get it to work. If I uninstall it, will I be able to re-register it?
  9. I need a little help. I have emailed LOR and placed a topic on their forum but have heard nothing back. Here is my problem. If I start the sequence editor from the start menu, or by clicking the tray icon the program will open, but I can not use it. All the meuns are greyed out and if I click on anything I get a ding sound. However, if I double click an existing lms file, the program opens and I can fully edit the sequence, watch the animation and do anything i want with the exception of using the file menu. If I click file and save, or file open, or file new, the program freezes and again a
  10. In a short answer, A LOT! Research what you want to do, and then price out the components. Be sure to look on here a lot because you will find things you never thought of doing, or things you thought you would never need. Your basic costs include, the controller ($300 or more with software and cables) Lights, you already have, but you'll want more. a computer, you probably have one, but its good to have another, cheap, dedicate machine, an FM Transmitter (don't skimp here, get a quality one) and finally the most expensive part. Extension Cords. You will need lots. That does not include materi
  11. Well thankfully I don't have to worry any longer. The great local law enforcement was able to track down the crooks. All is well. The fence will stay as the police loved the idea too. But per your suggestions, the paintball guns will stay away
  12. I have since notified my local law enforcement of the issue, and they will be sending a patrol car by periodically to check on my display. Bless the brave men and women who protect us all. Chuck, what does "Danger Will Robinson" mean or come from? I am just a little lost on that one
  13. That's my biggest fear, but I have a paintball gun ready and waiting in case they do. I just don't understand what the motive is behind destroying Christmas lights. It amazes me even more that I live in a neighborhood with several police officers, fire fighters and emt's. and most of the officers drive their cruisers home. If they are not careful they are liable to be shot by something more than a paintball gun.
  14. I have been worried about vandals in my area, so I thought I would take some preventative action. Last night it paid off. Now before I tell you my idea, please understand, I do not do this to harm anyone, and I place plenty of the "High voltage at all times" signs around my yard. This is what I have done. I took a VERY LOW POWER electric fence transformer. ($30) and ran the fence wire ($9) on the back side of my high profile items. Once the show is over, a timer turns the fence on. The transformer is a VERY LOW VOLTAGE!! It is one that is just meant to shock dogs, or small nuisance animals.
  15. Just be glad your getting snow. Here in north georgia we got ICE. My wife works 30 miles from home, and 5 hours later she is still not home. I prefer snow over ice any day. Ice does not bode well with lights either. I have a pure static display, and the ice knocked about 1/2 it out and I can't figure out why. Please send me some snow, and take this ice!
  16. That transmitter is actually a Hlly transmitter. You can buy they cheaper from Hlly. I have heard one and it seemed to have some static in it, vs the EDM does not. Also, the Hlly's do not comply with the FCC part 15 and can not be turned down to limit the transmitting range. I have a 10mW EDM (turned down to about 8mW) that covers a .5 mile area. That transmitter is a 500mW so you can transmit a long way, but as I said, the clarity is not as good as with a Ramsey or EDM. IMO
  17. I never even thought about that aspect of it. Thank You
  18. Well, I was going to wait until after Christmas, but I went out this weekend to look, and found that all the stores around me were already sold out. I had to drive about 40 miles to get those 8 boxes. the other problem is the way I have everything laid out, I only had 4 channels left. So i decided to use those 4 for the tree. I just hope it looks good for my 1st year. My second year I plan on buying at least 1 if not 2 more controllers.
  19. I am on a budget for next year, as I will be doing my first computerized display. I have been told my year is begging for a mega tree, and I want to add one, but I am limited by my budget. I have already bought 8 boxes of 100ct mini lights and I have 4 channels dedicated to the mega tree. I am wondering if i will be banned for asking, but can I make a Half Mega tree? My yard can not be approached from the sides, only from head on, so I think I can get away with it for one year. I have included a diagram of my idea. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40750[/ATTACH] Any suggestions?
  20. I was driving around in Cumming GA (trying to find Christmas lights, seems everyone was sold out) and saw this. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40701[/ATTACH] It made me smile to see someone going around like this, and he was handing out Candy Canes to everyone just for fun. Just thought I'd share, and if you know this Santa, please let me know so I can thank him personally!
  21. I am a newbie too, but I would like to lend a few things I have learned. First, just enjoy yourself, don't worry about what others think. If you start feeling like your display is not what you wanted, post a picture on PC, and you will get tons of people giving great comments, paired with some great advice on how to move a few things to make a huge difference. Second, make sure you have plenty of room to work. I started with a small area in the living room, and have now converted an entire spare bedroom to my workspace (which still doesn't seem to be big enough) Third, as far as electri
  22. Let me just start by saying welcome. Now to answer your question. A mega tree is basically a pole, with strands of lights coming down and out from the top to make a tree shape. Most people classify the Mega tree as 15' or higher, but any size tree in this shape can be called you mega tree. I have attached a picture of a sample mega tree. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40635[/ATTACH] Let us know if you have any questions, and remember "crawl, walk...RUN!!!!"
  23. Oh, so its not mandatory then? Here is my main question. I have a phrase that is split up into three sections. Can I program just those three, or should I add a fourth element to even it out? My plan is right now. Use 4 channels for mini trees, 4 channels for mega tree 3 channels for phrase, and 5 channels for the rest of the lights. I know I am going to have to re-do everything the next ear, because for the first year I am only having 16 channels, but I plan on going to 32 the very next year.
  24. I have been told to only program in groups of 4. Why is this?
  25. I was thinking the same thing about the mega tree, and I had planned on using the mini trees, but never thought to add multiple colors to each. I think I am going to defiantly have to get more lights for 2012, but hopefully I can get by in 2011 with the few extra strands I have bought this year.
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