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  1. They haven't updated their page yet. I know that I didn't win "first" place.
  2. Each year retailers forecast how much inventory they will need and make their orders months in advance. Their goal is to have just enough inventory to get them through the season. If they have extra and put them on sale they lose money. They do not store them since they would have to carry the cost of the inventory. This year they did a better job of predicting how many lights they would sell. I think they were actually a little short since most retailers sold out a couple weeks before Christmas.
  3. The thing is this hobby is different things to different people. For some people they just want to have a nice display and they aren't into sequencing. Others like building the riggings for megatrees and such, others are into soldering up their own controllers, some like to play with the latest technology, some like the blow molds or inflatables or wire frames and on and on. Each year a fresh set of newbs with their own objectives get into the hobby each with their own vision of what they want it to be. I figure each year participation doubles, we will see more, much more RGBs, matrixes, projection mapping, animitronics and things we haven't conceived of. As unique as the displays made by people are their reasons why. Some are tinkerers, some like to make kids smile, some are trying to recapture the magic of Christmas from when they were kids, others are feeding other personal needs. I think often people start off doing it for one reason and find new ones along the way. Instead of worrying about where the hobby is going I think people need to focus on what they want to do, why they do it, and how they are going to accomplish it. I honestly don't care what people think about my display, my sequencing skills or my song selections. If I lived on a hill in the middle of nowhere, where no one would see I would still do a display. In fact this was exactly the case when I was a kid. So people should do it for their own reasons and ignore what others say or think.
  4. Gave it a "Like". If you want to return the favor I'm a finalist in this Old Navy Lightacular. http://oldnavy.promo.eprize.com/christmasvacation/gallery?entry_id=616
  5. Sure sorry to hear you had to go dark. In Central Texas wind took our some of my deer, a portion of my treeline, and most of my snowflake path markers. Sure was glad that it was windy when we put up all the snowflakes and that I ran twine horizontally across to keep everything tight up against the house.
  6. You can vote once a day per email address through 12/22.
  7. So Old Navy has a light contest where the house with the most votes gets $10,000 and we are a finalist. Out of 20 finalists we are number 2. We need votes. You can once a day per email address until December 22nd. They announce the winner on Jan 3rd. Link to vote below: http://oldnavy.promo.eprize.com/christmasvacation/gallery?entry_id=616 *most interesting man in the world music begins to play* I don't often pander for votes, but when I do, it's for $10,000. *end music*
  8. I listen to musicians for music. I watch movie stars in movies. When the music stops and the movie ends I stop listening to both. I put no value no the politics or opinions of celebrities, and find my heroes in real life.
  9. We gave this song a try. Actually my wife designed this one. I think she did well for her first stab at sequencing. I did a shortened version. We were as ambitious as Clyde (Awesome job by the way).
  10. Often the rights holder will block mobile devices since they cannot be monetized as well as other sources. This helps drives up their price per click.
  11. If you were to have a duplicate set of controllers for the backyard with the same IDs, would that work? If the controllers do not pass on messages intended for them you might have to have each set plug directly into the LOR 485 dongle. Any try this?
  12. Absolutely stressful moving over to a new house. Was busy doing house stuff all the way up to the point when I would start normally hanging lights. When I do my sequences I have a few dummy channels that aren't mapped to anything. I use these to hold the beat wizard, vocals, foreground, background, etc. So with some intelligent mapping, the proper use of a master track, and these copy/pasting from these dummy channels it wasn't too bad. Next year though.... we are plan to blow the roof off!
  13. 2nd test, this time with both trees going.
  14. This year the new feature to my display are firesticks. I have two tall & skinny trees in my front yard. This year I'm wrapping the trunks in 1' segments with 8 channels each. Then in the canopy I have 600 cool white C6 and 400 multicolor C9. This is my first attempt at firesticks and I'm happy with how it turned out. Video of first firestick test
  15. Last night my Christmas light display was singled out and attacked, my house suffered serious damage. The whole thing was caught on video. If you watch the video you'll see there is a happy ending.
  16. I'd love to light up a moving vehicle, this looks great!
  17. Yesterday at Walgreen's I found a 40" Leg Lamp. I've wanted one of these for years, but the only ones I found were over $250 online.
  18. Visited the Decorator's Warehouse in Arlington, Texas and Wow! They even have a Christmas Tree that snows itself!
  19. Megatree made out of big lighted balls at the Gaylord Texan resort in Grapevine, Texas. This is the preshow to their ICE exhibit.
  20. I salvaged a couple of wire deer from the Goodwill. Honestly, I won't buy a new wire deer, the quality is too cheap. I go for ones that came out about 5-6 years ago. I strip off the incandescent and replace with LEDs. On this one I used warm white mini LEDs. Having a demo to work off of would be very useful to avoid getting too many lights in one section. I don't worry about the clips I just zip tie the lights on.
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