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  1. Now that's the problem; I don't have/lost that middle snow wedge, nor do I have a small snowman blow mold! It's ok, I'm not to worried about it
  2. Hoyt, mind sharing that snowman? I removed mine from the candy cane itself a few years ago, and totally misplaced it. Now I'm left with a wanna-be SB candy cane with a 3 inch hole on top
  3. Scotty, I don't leave my snowmen out, but I do put up all white lights for a "Winter Display". It's usually only up for 2 1/2 weeks before the Valentine's Day display goes up. I don't even know if a winter display is possible with the amount of snow we received.
  4. In The Forgotten Borough, there are still streets that have not been plowed, and the snow amounts range from 24-32in! I can barely see half of my molds
  5. Like FP, my display gets packed away on, or after Jan 6th. With nearly 3 feet of snow on the ground, I'm afraid I won't be seeing my molds for another month or so
  6. I can clearly remember only five years ago, walking into the local (as in 5 minutes away) Frank's. What a winter wonderland for a kid. It was a major retailer of Union Workers-I mean Union Products. There were nutcrackers, soldiers, candles, snowmen, santas, gingerbread men, and their homes...I walked out of that place with a red Union lollipop and Union Tree. Lame! Who would have known it was only a few months before it closed... Whoops wrong thread!
  7. No one (as in myself) knew that molds would take such a rapid downturn...
  8. I thought TPI trumpet angles were found in geometry... Yeah, I would have to go w/the angel, and Teddy Bear Drummer
  9. Who's seen this guy? http://cgi.ebay.com/RARE-33-SANTA-CANDY-CANE-PLASTIC-BLOW-MOLD-YARD-XMAS-/200557628684?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2eb22a8d0c I've never heard of the company "Union Workers".
  10. Does anyone know when was he manufactured?
  11. He looks awfully angry... Maybe because of the fact that he hasn't been outdoors in 60 years!
  12. Need I say more? http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-1950-Large-Santa-Christmas-Blow-Mold-Light-36-/330508202606?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4cf3d2f26e
  13. I personally remember the heyday of Union molds, seeing them in Franks, for a few years. I even remember when Union candy canes, candles, soldiers, and the santa/snowman companion were all sold at.....ShopRite! It was only 6 years ago
  14. Oh So Close! 2006 was the year And where was it taken? I'll give you a hint; it is listed somewhere in this thread...
  15. A little bit of both an "in-store" type place and an online store; plus its a retailer of GF. Yeah, looks like they're doing fine
  16. A snowman with a scarf.... [ATTACH=CONFIG]40973[/ATTACH] ...and a top hat... [ATTACH=CONFIG]40974[/ATTACH] ...you mean.......Junior?! [ATTACH=CONFIG]40975[/ATTACH] lol...no no, I must be getting him confused with: [ATTACH=CONFIG]40976[/ATTACH] or him... [ATTACH=CONFIG]40977[/ATTACH]
  17. Most of you are familiar with Menards right? Who knows when this picture of Menard's was taken: [ATTACH=CONFIG]40972[/ATTACH]
  18. I ordered 3 out of the 4 elves from their site; their pricing is about $10 less than other sites too. Then again, that's minus the light bulb. Some pics: [ATTACH=CONFIG]40970[/ATTACH] And yes the toy soldiers, candles, and lamposts are only $10 [ATTACH=CONFIG]40971[/ATTACH]
  19. Nice molds. It's sort of like a retro Christmas...by retro I mean like a 70's or 80's Christmas. I have never seen those santas lining the driveway...
  20. I pulled this pic from another thread about stores' blow mold displays (which died) [ATTACH=CONFIG]40931[/ATTACH] Maybe this will get the thread moving...
  21. I can't tell you personaly how it's going in Tenessee, but in NY, blow molds are rarely seen. Friends and neighbors who in the past, have had a number of toy soldiers, and many popular, or even hard to find molds, have not displayed them in the last few years. This has become an unsettling trend. My own grandparents were begging me to keep their Union Santa and Snowman, as they didn't feel it was useful to them. It seems 3D wire frames and LED lights (not even inflatables!) have encouraged many people to lose the molds, and opt for these instead. The Wal-Marts in the area only have a few penguins, and as I've mentioned in other threads, the Frank's that was just 5 minutes away from me closed 5 years ago, and it was a huge supplier of Union molds. Harrow's closed down 10 years ago, and many of the family owned nurseries, who used to sell molds haven't been and aren't doing so. The future for blow molds does seem bleak.....on the east coast.
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