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    My name is Steve, My wife and I are 28 and 26, We live in arizona
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    off roading and outdoor activity
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    2010 will be our 6th year of settting up a "bigger" display of christmas lights.
    We purchased our first light-o-rama in 2009, we still only have 16 channles and recently added an FM transmitter.
    We are pushing 40 amps with out light show using @ 20-35k in lights
    We LOVE putting on a display for the dark neighborhood we live in, Kinda helps raise the spirit where I'm from...
  1. awesome. Looks like a TON of work. Thanks for sharing
  2. Awesome man! I hope you get a million hits I will share this.
  3. we might be intrested, We'll see how it goes after today
  4. I think that it is neat for someone to enjoy your display so much that he decided to model his display after yours. You might have set the bar too high using the best songs already out there with sequences. Maybe stop by and help him out with the software and show him the forum. We all love to learn... I went will all new songs this year. I searched all year for songs that we wanted to use and downloaded them and got to work on sequences. Last year Was our first and we were only able to use the songs we found pre-animated. which were also songs that everyone else was using...
  5. I try to stay away from the colors from Walmart because they only last one season before losing their color. But the whites are ok. I like what someone else said about bring a truck, Gonna try and get at least 4 cases this year.. And If I can get away with them, As many LED's as possible. Good luck everyone! Merry Christmas!
  6. LJYJ


    Just got these 50% off . they are like mini strobes. The pic just does not do justice for the flash of light coming from the 10 mini LEDs on each flake. They are 14.99 orig 29.99 made by lightshow. They come in sets of 3
  7. whats your Email? I have it and I'll send it to you. PM Me if you want.
  8. video quality is not too bad. Nice display! Its hard not having much room but your layout works well.
  9. LJYJ


    really? this is a christmas forum and we dont have a :grinch: smiley?
  10. LJYJ


    Yes I saw This one today, They still had a few left and for my first blow mold purchase, I thought I would wait til 75% off :grinch:
  11. do I agree with this entire statement? Yes Yes Yes! Great little writeup. Thanks. :fashizzle:
  12. LJYJ


    Well, we were done on the 1st but just not got a chance to take pics. I will post some video when we get the Fm transmitter! [ATTACH=CONFIG]40517[/ATTACH]
  13. I thought I was the only one with grinches in their Hood. Last year we had someone slash "a few" sets on our mega tree before we even had it powered up. We set up some cameras and then it stopped, :banghead: I have however caught several little brats steeling SEVERAL mini lights and then smashing them in the street. Nothing says merry christmas like a VHS tape showing your kid smashing your neighbors stuff Needless to say its topped after that. I hope you have luck stopping them or catching them! Stay in good spirit....
  14. LJYJ

    People of AZ

    Hope you have your mega trees down. we have 50mph winds here in mesa
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