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  1. Ralph

    July Sale

    Paul, silly question, but do you sell c9 stringers too?
  2. is his sale still going or is it over.
  3. I have 6 mini arches, each 8 channels each, i used 2 sets of lights on each channel, 70 count minis each, so they are really bright, and the reason i did 8 channels is because i like that the lights meet in the middle or should i say center on the top. like when you have a clap along songs i make my arches clap along. people love it. just my 2 cents.
  4. Ralph

    Led Fading

    I have a few sets of leds that just dont fade at all, like my other sets. these sets were bought at rite aid, they look great but just don't fade well at all, they start to fade they get to about 25% down then just go right to off. is there a reason why? and can i fix it to fade normally
  5. OK I have another question, my roof border takes 8 strings each of c9 light strings in each color. and now that im going retro i need to get the stringers, So here is my question, will there be any problems if a get a a couple of 100 foot stringer's and plug them in back to back instead of getting 8 25 foot stringers? does it create any kind of a electrical problem or anything I might not know about using LOR or these retro c9 bulbs, and i have to tell ya, im pretty excited already. from what im told just the brightness form my old one led light to these 5 led retro bulbs are going to blew me away! cant wait!
  6. Jim, from what I've heard form a lot of other people and now here... i would say go with the retro bulbs. I have had the led c6,c7and c9 single led bulbs for 5 to six years now, and they have never been GREAT, and the c7's and c9's are the encased lights so if one goes out I would always be twitching because I would want to take the whole string down and replace it. don't get me wrong, now house looks great, But.... when it comes down to it, I have always liked the look of the old style c9's and the ease of just replacing a bad bulb......it just makes seance to me. so for me, i have about 2000 c9's and c7's I am going to replace with the retro bulbs this off season. So if you are just starting out, spend your money on the retro bulbs if you can. just make sure you get the ones that dim, if your using a lighting program and controllers. good luck.
  7. Morning guys, and thanks for the help, I really am getting so excited now thanks, i'm going to make the switch!. one last question for you. my roof is going to need 200, bulbs in each color, since this will be new to me how many extra should i have on hand at all times.
  8. for 8 years I've been using c9 led in a (w-r-w-g) layout, for some reason i just thought the extra set of white would make the roof pop more....I really don't know what my thinking was back then well and i just never changed it. I set my roof line lights in light order w-r-w-g and tie wrap each 4 set of bulbs so they wont move and face the same way. I know... its a ton of work when you need 11 sets back to back just to do my roof line, so its 11 sets of each color all tie warped together then i tie wrap it again after each set of 4 lights. now i use the the old c9's that are non changeable, so every time a light goes out i have to change the whole set, and omg its a nightmare to do that, cutting all the tie wraps un tangling all the lights because i have to replace the whole string of lights. so here is my question, years ago the retro c9's in no means came close to looking as good and weren't dimmable. I see now they are, the question is c9 dimmable lights how well do they work with lor, I dont know if i should switch over to retro fit c9's and i dont know the good and bads about them. can anyone who is using them please chime in and let me know the differences. i really need to make a choice to do somthing for next season soon. Thanks, Ralph
  9. I have 6 30 foot arches, used 1 inch pvc and bolted the conectors and to this day never have had a problem and there 7 years old. and never have even had a reason for repair, just touch up painting each year.
  10. about 85 % done, hope to be done by tomorrow......fyi! can anyone tell me where to find c6 bright whites in NJ, not have any luck.
  11. OMG, this is one of the most touching songs I have ever herd. my dad is a retired navy man who fought in a destroyer in the Korean War and also my best friend. I just want to say thank you to all the veterans out there who help make what we do possible, because they've kept us safe from harm. God bless all.
  12. about 80 percent up, I got 10 controllers up and running and tested, a little over 50000 lights up right now, give or take....dont tell the with but its more on the side of give.lol still need to make 2 8 channel arches, and make to roof mounts for the roof. I better be done for Sunday, I cant take any more time off. here we go..
  13. wow i had one of those as a kid. wonder if my parents still have it.we had two candle sticks that said noel on them too. now i got the bug, calling the pops to see if they still have them.
  14. hey everyone I did a quick suggestion on how to mount my wire frames to the peak of my roof. I have three frames on my roof are ready and purchased roof mount kits and they worked really well. But because of my very short time span of being able to get my roof complete I find myself under the gun not being able to wait, does anyone know of any quick fixes that I can make a temporary peak roof frame for my two new frames for the season.
  15. Hey Ralph, wow not many of us left, can you tell me a little bit...Do you get c9's form him...do they work great with lor? Oh and thank you for your help.
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