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  1. Paul are you going to have another sale now for the christmas lights I am looking to buying 4 cases of lights from you and I would really like to see if I can get a sale or a discount.

  2. Ours are water proof with an IP44 rating and are on our pre order sale at $37.50 for a ten pack at www.creativedisplays.com
  3. The strobes are brighter and blink much faster.
  4. I think the xenon have the best pop. The Led just blink.
  5. Not uncommon with LED bulbs. LED bulbs dim down.
  6. Also, we sell 500 foot spools with 36 inch spacing for the strobes.
  7. Measure twice, cut once - Good advice Mwhite
  8. We have 24 spools of LED RGB SMART RIBBON - 10 RGB 3216 PIXELS PER FOOT - JUST UNDER 10 FEET LONG- RATED FOR INDOOR/OUTDOOR USE WITH AN IP-65 RATING. $75 per spool at http://www.creativedisplays.com/product/1098/
  9. Thanks to everyone for another great Summer Sale. It's on to Christmas now!
  10. Only 10 days left to save 20%!
  11. Our Summer Sale starts on Monday, July 8 and runs thru Friday, July 26. If shopping on line at www.creativedisplays.com use the code "SS20" for a 20 percent discount on all your items.
  12. The sale starts July 8.
  13. So all pre orders are now shipped with the exception of LED net light orders - they will get here within another 6 weeks or so.
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