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  1. Does the sparkle magic look good on person?
  2. Well hopefully you make your wife or your kids carry them.... Sorry couldnt resist HAAAAAAAA
  3. Hi shoot me a pm with whats left and let me know what you want for it all Thanks
  4. YOU.................ME............. and seemingly 500 other people LOL! Its the frickin "off season" and even the "supplier" has no goods for sale..... Thinking of being like R Holdman and putting up a simple inflatable grinch in the yard! LOL
  5. Still hopeful and entire display will show up soon!
  6. I see them pop up from time to time... If you are selling or know of someone selling or considering selling please let me know so that I can make an offer before you even have to think of going to the work of splitting it all up... I am very interested and very serious and have very green CASH! Thank you I love the info and brotherhood ( sisters too) Shane *EDIT* I am not uneducated... I typed in "an entire display" not sure how title came up "and Entire Display
  7. Id like to buy all of your trees! [email protected]

  8. Hello... I am willing to give your controllers a good home and lots of love in our new display. Please tell me what you have and I would even be interested in buying someone out on an entire display perhaps that is getting out of the hobby or changing direction. Email me here on PC [email protected] phone or text 406-396-5391 Thank you so much for your consideration. Please get with me as an option to get rid of it all at once. Thank you Shane in Montana
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