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    Im 31 and married.

    2010 is my first year doing a larger christmas set up. We have about 5500 lights hooked up to a GE Mr christmas set up. We also have a couple of inflatables and several blow molds. I also made a few mini tree.
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    Small but fun, about 5500 lights this year.
  1. BigD

    Mini Trees

    I never used he electrical tape at the top just ziptied them, Ill try that on the next ones I build. I found tomato cages at Menards 3 years agoin Dec and picked up a bunch for 50 cents each. Worked out well have extras and I even used some for tomamtos too.
  2. Thanks for the info guys, it seems I may have wrapped them too tight and am not get a random pattern. 2 ideas Iv seen is to losen the wraps and/or start the middle at one end and use that to help with the randomness. Im getting a spiral effect or straight line effect right now, and that really makes it look low on ights. (to me at least) Coo ooking thugh if you get the spiral to match some al the way through. Thanks again for the help so far.
  3. OK so this year Im doing my first arches, 2 of them (for now). So far they will be a 10' PVC bent to 6' wide. I am doing the sleeves set up with 3/4" sleeves. They are about 14.5" wide and each will be a channel. So 8 channels on each arch. I'v got 5 sleeves done and each has 100 minis on it, but it looks a little short on lights. How many ights are you guys useing on each section of your arches?
  4. Thanks for the feedback
  5. I'm getting my Halloween show put together, and running LOR on it for the first time. I will be getting it started on the first of Oct. with a little luck. My question is should I run the LOR every night of Oct. or just weekends, or maybe even just on Halloween or a few days before? I have the show set up so I can either run with or without LOR at any given time so days LOR is not running the rest of the show still can, just n dancing lights and music. Thank you in advance for all the help.
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