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  1. Well I put mine n yesterday and they are about 25 feet long. They had a little extra so i just wraped them arough the ceter sectin to even it ut some. I had to put one string of them on each side but it seemed to work out well. When it got dark I turned them n and they looked fine. I think after addin all my other lights in the yard it will blend in rather well.

    Today I woked on the motor set up and will be adding that in on the next decent day. We have snow and real cold out today so Im just wrking on fixing things and getting stuff ready to put ut when its a little nicer. lol :)

  2. I never used he electrical tape at the top just ziptied them, Ill try that on the next ones I build. I found tomato cages at Menards 3 years agoin Dec and picked up a bunch for 50 cents each. Worked out well have extras and I even used some for tomamtos too. ;)

  3. I have found some Battery operated LEDs thatI am going to try this year. I swithed to a farris wheel instead of the carosel, just becouse it seemed easier at the time. lol

    There are 25 lights on each strand, and I'v got 2 strands to use. 34 bucks a set, but well worth it if they work like I hope. They are large plastic bulbs over the lights, and has several options on them for blinking. Cant hook them up to LOR but wasnt going to anyway. I got them at Menards, they say they will stay on for 6 hours and then tunn on for 16 hours and then back on, so I shoul not have to run out every night to turn on and off. After I get them up and test some Ill post how they look and work. Thx for all the help all.

  4. Thanks for the info guys, it seems I may have wrapped them too tight and am not get a random pattern. 2 ideas Iv seen is to losen the wraps and/or start the middle at one end and use that to help with the randomness. Im getting a spiral effect or straight line effect right now, and that really makes it look low on ights. (to me at least) Coo ooking thugh if you get the spiral to match some al the way through. Thanks again for the help so far.

  5. OK so this year Im doing my first arches, 2 of them (for now). So far they will be a 10' PVC bent to 6' wide. I am doing the sleeves set up with 3/4" sleeves. They are about 14.5" wide and each will be a channel. So 8 channels on each arch.

    I'v got 5 sleeves done and each has 100 minis on it, but it looks a little short on lights. How many ights are you guys useing on each section of your arches?

  6. Great thanks for the info guys.

    I am thinknig of useing 4x4s cut into a "hill" shape for the bottom wheels to run under for each deer. I will have 3 wheels under the deer, one under each one and then 4 wheels hilding up my "deck area". All of that will sit on a piece of 3/4 inch plywood. Hope that gives you some help, if you need better explanation let me know.

  7. So I want to build a carousel for 2012. Im getting close to starting and I'v been doing a lot of thinking on it. I have the basics on it. I am wanting to use my deer as the carousel animals. Im looking at a 4 foot diamiter, hopeing to get 3 deer on it. Might need to go bigger though, we will see.

    My thought is to run ecectricity up the middle and plug in the deer and any lights that would be on the "deck area". Can I just run an extension cord up the middle or will I need something else, if so what and where is it. I think the turning of the corosel will wrap up the cord and bind it up or ever break/tear the cord. Any ideas?

    P.S. Thanks for all the great ideas Iv got from here.

  8. I'm getting my Halloween show put together, and running LOR on it for the first time. I will be getting it started on the first of Oct. with a little luck. My question is should I run the LOR every night of Oct. or just weekends, or maybe even just on Halloween or a few days before? I have the show set up so I can either run with or without LOR at any given time so days LOR is not running the rest of the show still can, just n dancing lights and music. Thank you in advance for all the help.

  9. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone at PC. I have got great ideas from several of you and won 1st prize for my decorations this year. This was my first year doing this and it was a ball. I used a Mr. Christmas set up and rigged it to play on a FM transmitter so ALL could hear in their cars. I had 6500 lights this year as well. Thanks again for all the help everyone.

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