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    My name is alex and I am 15 years old. I love christmas lights, and the street that i live on is referred to as christmas street because all but 2 or 3 houses participate. Our street has made richmond virginias tacky light tour this year, which is a big deal around here.
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    We have a medium ,but growind display. It features santa hanging of of the roof, 7 golar bears, 3 snowmen, santa on a teeter totter. santa playing soccer, an igloo, 3 artificial trees, 13 other trees (mini, tinsel, etc.) 2 polar bears, and 6 deer. I know that compare to most of you all's dispays it is small, but it grows every year...and we are pretty proud of it.
  1. the moment it started snowing the amount of cars on our street went up like 200%
  2. The neighbors didn't press charges, but they got a nice new set of candy canes
  3. Wireframes and Inflatableds are very well priced. They also have some very cool neon colored christmas trees.... im going to pick up an orange one morning after christmas
  4. I drove for the first time in that parking lot yes they are back They have a great selection of trees, inflateables, and other figures such as deer Those are also very well priced They are lacking in the actual lights though ($15 for a set of net lights) we'll see as it gets closer to christmas
  5. At the entrance to my street two neighbors have a sign that says merry christmas across the street, HOWEVER, they used trees to suspend the lights, if this is available it may be much easier than constructing mega poles.
  6. My neighbors have candy canes in front of their yard. They woke one morning and saw that Some kids had run over the canes with their car. ( i am only 15 myself, et seem to have a bit mor common sense than some) This happened twice before they took action. My neighbor put a piece of rebar in each candy cane. The next night the kids were at it again, and hit the rebar canes. My neighbors saw the plates before they car was able to get away. When the cops caught up with the kids at their ouse, they had orchestrated an entire story about how they were innocent. My neighbors werent filing charges,
  7. One of my neighbors had their candy canes run over twice.(around 20 in the front of their yard) SOLUTION- they staked the canes with rebar, The car got away, but he only took out 3 canes
  8. This is my first post. I do not know much about lor or other devices , but i have a song that i would love to see in an animated display. The song is Shake Up Christmas By Train. It is fast and upbeat, and hopefully this will help anyone looking for a song. (I do not have a controller, but am trying to sway my parents to begin an animated display)
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