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    I am an expert programmer, designer and display fanatic.
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    Christmas Lights, Music, Computers
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    high schooler
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    I have a small display, I started in 2008 and I have been expanding my shows every year.I will be adding LightORama to my display this year.
    1. A.Bloxham


      this is my display for 2010.more videos on the userpage.

  1. Hello Denise, I have a picture of the trees available.let me know if youre still interested.

  2. thanks. hoping someone would tell me
  3. Any of you guys looking for some trees for their displays? I have 8 green lush artificial trees.still in the box.anyone interested, let me know

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    2. Denise Brunner

      Denise Brunner

      Also if you could send a picture ??

    3. A.Bloxham


      yes Denise, I have a picture available.

    4. steve f.

      steve f.

      what size are the trees and do you still have them?

  4. awww well its a little late for me to say that XP

  5. Hello Jerry.glad to see youre up & running

  6. my layout has varied year to year, but this year, my walls went up first, then the C9s on my roof, and Im still buying lights for my megatree.Will order LORs last.
  7. That time when you put all those lights up, and drive around your neighborhood to see who has the best show on the block! But what about the security of your own display?
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