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  1. There are about 5 or 6 animated displays in coweta and fayette counties Sent from my LGL86C using Tapatalk
  2. I am right there with you Robert, but I am already behind without the rain helping Sent from my LGL86C using Tapatalk
  3. Lowes has Green Mini LEDS this year as does Walmart
  4. I have to Agree with iresq Harbour Freight has longer tent stakes than wally world or Target,,,, One word of advise dont' drive them straight into the ground but drive them in at an angle aiming towards your megatree that way the wind wont pull them straight out as it will be pulling them sideways
  5. You can use LOR and Dlight on same network but you must make a crossover cable to do that LOR and Dlight use different wires in the cable for their inputs. If your interested in more Dlight boards contact me through PM
  6. I have a bunch of.brand new icicles still in the boxes packed up somewhere pm me we might can work something out Sent from my LGL86C using Tapatalk 2
  7. Kmart, biglots already have most of their stuff out already...... about ever other walmart looks to have out what was left in the warehouse last year. Sent from my LGL86C using Tapatalk 2
  8. I know we normally have 3 or 4 editions of Planet Christmas Magazine by this time every year but i see we only have a July Issue so far this year, what's up with that.
  9. Yeah he put it back up for one day then took it down again. I got a reply from the admin of the site saying sorry I had to remove the sale I dont know if I can honor the price, which version did you want? When I replied to that message I havent heard back in 5 days now.
  10. Does anyone know what is going on over at LSP... He made a blog post last week about a 50% off sale, but every evening when I get home the sale price isnt there, I have contacted him several times and get post in the middle of the day that it is working. Tonight I get a message from him that the purchase page has been fixed but it is back to regular price and he has taken down his blog post about a sale in effect till july 31.....
  11. Fix the profiles so the ones that got imported in can change there complete profile Mine still shows me as in my first year
  12. Hey I have to agree there are NO small displays... I started with a Gemmy Light Controller and 14,000 lights my second year but my first year was only about 1000 lights.
  13. I thought I had emailed the file to you but I don't see it in my sent items so I will email it now... It is an Aurora File..... I am going to video my Show this weekend, still doing a little cleanup on some sequences and I added another song tonight to start in tomorrow nights show. Show list now is Gloria Wizards of Winter Wish Liszt Music Box Dancer Jingle Bells Techno
  14. Love the video Robert,,, Wish I had some notice so I could have came by and seen it in person :-( Well I guess I will get to see it next year. Did you get a chance to look over "Gloria" yet?
  15. Hey Clyde sounds like you have a polarity problem in your outlet.... Possibly neutral and hot are swapped inside the outlet or even an extension cord that swapped it over in the wiring.
  16. If anybody wants incan icicle lights in white or blue let me know by pm I bought wayyyyyyyy too many last yr and they are still in the box
  17. I am in Heating & Air service and the price of copper has been very high all season and preseason and back during the summer and spring copper prices was at an all time high so I would say the reason no one ordered like they normally do is because they knew they couldn't discount them after Christmas this year. If your into c-6 LED lights a good place to look is BIG LOTS they still had a decent number this past weekend but they have been doing some 25% off pricing already, I haven't check Wallgreens yet but I bought a ton of Green C-6 LED's the last two years and they are the only people to have Green LED's. From what I have heard Paul at CDI is doing a pre order In January for these RGB strands I am thinking about getting some rolls of these if I like the price to outline my whole house.
  18. So I am stuck with my profile saying I am in my first year of sequencing?
  19. Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone has sequenced "GLORIA" by Michael W. Smith , I would love to have the timing marks if anyone has used this song in their display.
  20. Hey everyone I am using Google Chrome and trying to update my profile info on my display that shows on your profile under past info. But in edit my profile that section will only let me enter a city for am profile and no info about it, what am I doing wrong?
  21. I started 2 yrs ago with a Gemmy Control box and put way more on it than it allowed 14,000 lights including my mega tree. Last yr I opted to buy D-light Boards and go with Aurora when D-light had a sale(bought gold edition) then added cheap $1.oo extension cords for my output wires had about $150 per box in them. This yr through the help of a friend that was working his show with DIY boards I got 6 more boards for about $75 a piece with 2 more on the way this weekend so used is always an option if you check out the classifieds.
  22. I use fry's electronics which is a chain store but ins't in every community, I live in Metro Atlanta area and there is only two in the metro area. the last I bought was a 1000 ft spool for about $50 and it come with a simple and cheap crimp tool and about 20 male ends, then I make my own to fit.
  23. There is a cool remix on I-Tunes Ulitmate Remixes Vol 1
  24. I think your going to have to add more than 32 Channels My question is are you just wanting One huge sweeping arch or are you trying to get to like an entrance-way that comes up then arches?
  25. Yeah I loved these markers because they where so bright and pretty......Hate that I am not going to be able to use them not and I am already 3 weeks behind
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