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    50 years old, retired.
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    32 Channels LOR, 18' Megatree, White and Red Lights, Wireframes. 11,840 total lights and counting.
  1. KC how many lights and channels did you use on the spiral mega tree and how tall is it... Looks Great.
  2. Good start, I'll have to drive around and check a few out. Always try to go by Alabama_Santa's house. Went to Shadrack's Display last night in Nashville. 2208 channels. Pretty Awesome.
  3. This is my second year using LOR. Wondering who else in the area is also afflicted with this passion. I'm running 112 channels, with 29,000 lights this year. Quite a step up from 32 channels last year. I'm on Mitchell Moore Road in Hazel Green, AL
  4. Thanks for the idea, after building my first arches this year and wrapping the fan lights by hand, I thought "there must be a better way for next year." You have shown me the way for next year.
  5. I just bought SPT2 Vampire Plugs from All Things Christmas and More. Female for $0.37 each, Male for $0.35 each. Best Price I've seen anywhere. Here is the link to their site. They also have the SPT1 for the same price. http://www.allthings...ries_c_568.html
  6. Love em. They look great. Who would want a plain arch after seeing the pinwheels.
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