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  1. Thanks gents! Jerry, I remember bragging that I had someone come all the way from the left coast to see my display
  2. Late with the reply. In Scott's defense, the error was my fault this year (and my screen printer for not noticing it either), working too fast, not paying attention... sigh...
  3. Sneak peek at this year's shirt...
  4. Plus the t-shirt designed for this year's event is really cool, if I can say so
  5. Chris, You might be able to adjust the temp they turn on (I know mine is adjustable) and make it even cooler than what it would normally be set at. I know my stuff survived last summer up there - actually I had stuff up there in previous years with no fan and it survived - just when I dropped a boat load of $ on LEDs I wanted to protect the investment a little more. -Rob
  6. Not sure at what temperature you might get damage. I, too, was worried about the same. I installed a gable fan that kicks on when the attic reaches a set temperature. When you say closed attic, do you mean you have no vent(s)? If so, you can still install an attic fan - might have to cut a whole in the roof or the siding to do so - I know the fan I bought was under $100 - which seemed like a reasonable investment considering the $$ of lights, etc stored up there. It works like a charm.
  7. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good "light!"
  8. I'm a fan of taking over neighbor's homes The way I see it, if you get the whole cul-de-sac, no one can complain about the traffic :laughing: Seriously though, I think it's great when you can get more neighbors involved - it's more than just being about the lights then, it becomes more about community. Heck, there are many people whom don't even know there neighbors these days (and some - like Tim, who probably wish they didn't have any... and rightfully so, I might add - or at least different ones), so when you can bring people together to do something that brings total strangers ha
  9. Joseph Ayo wrote: Joseph - thanks for the props.
  10. tfischer wrote: Tim, There's a house for sale on my street, yoou'd be welcome here my friend. -Rob
  11. Greg wrote: Greg, Have you tried the tracing program in Ilustrator CS2? Just curious, I was a beta tester for Corel X3 - but never got around to messing with the tracing. I know I have been very impressed with traces in CS2 (compared to their last effort with Streamline) and would be curious to know if you like X3's more than CS2 Sorry about the thread hijack:) -Rob EDITED: for typo - DOH!
  12. roadnut wrote: Are you sure it's not "Fitz Lighting?"
  13. That's odd, I could have sworn you were the sole proprietor of "Fitz Lighting" there in Hillsboro... ahem
  14. You were right about LTD, it's still there my friend... http://www.ltdcommodities.com/home/catalog/cat_item_pg.asp?P=101&G=399&Item=309116-2RLZ&Page=1
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