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    i'm very tall and love christmas
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    golf course grounds crew
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    almost 60 blowmolds not to many lights and 3 inflatables

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  1. Ha, I'm going to have this problem next year :-) I was thinking that, just lining it. Only option I can think of
  2. excellent collection and display, do you LED or CFL in larger molds? do you have any storage pictures?
  3. the reason the emails are fishy is because all these are temp positions basically. I emailed one of our casting people the day after airing and she said she didn't work there any more. so it's just part time
  4. same here, i'm installing a 8 ch security system by night owl. I can't read license plates yet, but the eerie glow of the cameras when all else is black sure would deter me... also our police department patrols the area semi often because they seem to like me
  5. holdman should just have a christmas special every year with Bill V. i would watch that. fun show either way -chris
  6. i did the same thing with my list santa, but my dad, being an engineer, was trying to figure out the correct way that list would read if he were actually holding it..i think we came up with upside down and backwards, but that would not be as pleasing to the eye =chris
  7. i need those toooo hehe, i've found three other types and am amassing a collection of non Grand venture, enough to power a few sleighs... but i want my happy deer with real antlers -chris
  8. it's my second year dressing up and flipping the switch.. dang I'm sexy...
  9. can i buy that head of the singer with the hat in the first picture? i need a head for a caroler
  10. This is a screen grab of the error log. but it happens at the time each day for the same show. The DMX universe is a San Device E6804. I'm going to try and switch up the song order and see if theres something there. when it happens the lights freeze from their last position and LOR just sits there waiting, it doesn't go to the next song or anything. So I usually just have to end shows immediately and then enable schedule. But the second time through there's no issue, It plays the sequences perfectly. I'm not sure what is causing it, but it doesn't like 548 apparently. any suggestions would help, -chris
  11. it's a Christmas miracle... and mistake :-)
  12. yeah, my 2.5 yo son sat right down on the sitting cow right when we went over to see it.. so he loved it too... sorry for it being upsidedown... -chris
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