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  1. What's RGB? I was thinking 33 channels because that's how many strings I currently have hanging and would like to make it spiral. Currently one string goes up and down. How many strings to you think I can get away with on the same channel and still have a spiral effect?
  2. I have a rather large static display, 45k lights. I would like to incorporate LOR into my display but with so many lights I'm looking at an astounding amount of money needed for all the lights. What do you guys think of starting small by leaving most lights static and setting my mega pole to LOR. It would require at least 33 channels to do properly. Do you think it would be tacky to have the one item "flashing" with everything else static?
  3. no LEDs here. I don't like the look. It's a string of 300 split.
  4. With the star it's about 35'. I'll post a pic of the entire set up as soon as I finish my cross.
  5. looks like you have room for 1 maybe 2 or 3 10' free standing trees. The base is only 5' and there's a how to PDF making them from PVC. I priced mine out last year at $125 to build.
  6. just saw his pics, 3 strings zipped tied...giving me ideas!
  7. Anyone know what kind of lights they use in their display? It's too clean to be stringed lights, almost as if it's fiber optics or something.
  8. lol, I was hopping to have a 40' mega poe tree this year. Since I waited until the last minute I'll have a 20' tree topped with a 4' star. At least it's bigger then last years!
  9. Is this is a private gravel road? If so, dig a small channel and run them through PVC pipe.
  10. Cant go over top? I'd be hesitant going across a public road. Do you live where it snows? Those plows would tear anything you put down up!
  11. Someone posted about using 2" pipe with "sleeves". My question is what are you using as a sleeve/coupler that would allow a 40' pipe solely using 2" conduit?
  12. I use gutter/banister clips. They snap perfectly over the pipe and don't slide. http://www.christmaswow.com/christmas-light-clips/ Bottom left pic with the rail.
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