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  1. You have fantastic show there. Your timing is spot on and your choices of music are a great mix. Really impressive!!
  2. It is sad that we have to come ot locking up our stuff, but I guess those are the things we have to deal with. I just read a post about some kids shooting BB guns at a guy's inflatables over the weekend. Luckily they were bad shots, but still yet another threat to our displays. The worst I've had so far is someone re-positioning my lighted deer so they were humping in the middle of my display...
  3. Thanks for all the input. Just trying to get ready for next year at this point.
  4. Does anyone have experience or an opinion on Fail-Safe FM Transmitters? I found this one on Amazon for a good price and it has good reviews too. Seems like a great starter transmitter for me while I try to get my lighting project going. I'd like a Ramsey or EDM but I simply don't have the money right now for everything I need. Thanks for all your help!
  5. Cool. a 25' pole shoudl make for a great mega tree. Let us know how many light strings, colors and other info plus post some pics!
  6. Thanks for sharing this. With all the focus on putting up decorations each year, I'm sure many people forget to double check the power supplies, cords, and other items.
  7. Let us know how this worked for you. I'm still using the old-fashioned flood-lights, which unfortunately give some wash-out and tend to light up other areas you may not want lit. I just haven't jumped into the LED lights yet but I want to.
  8. Here's the conversation the following day: State Farm Agent: "Hello, how may I help you?" Person: "Well, you aren't gonna believe this, but I was watching this awesome animated chrsitmas light display last night and ..." I wonder how many times a year this does happen. Not your fault you have awesome lights, these people need to be better drivers.
  9. The video worked for me. Thanks for making that video because I had guessed it would have been much more difficult. Very creative and easy way to make a neat light assembly.
  10. Nice video. beautiful concept, especially for this time of year. Nice job.
  11. What a great idea. I wish I had the time (and money) to put together a nice show for days like Veteran's day, Memorial day, and the 4th of July and include the songs of the armed forces. Thanks for the inspiration!
  12. That is a fabulous show. Great job and really cool use of effects like the crossed arches.
  13. I was going to also suggest a spray of water/detergent. I've also used Windex (without ammonia) and it works well too. Gives you time to position the decal and then squeegee out the liquid and air. This works on many decals includeing automotive striping and such, so it should work fine for your needs. Good luck!
  14. Are C6 LEDs too small to use for outlining the roof? I've seen people using C7 and C9, but nobody using C6 yet. This size is plentiful in the pre-order sales, so I was wondering if it would work well on the roof. Need some experienced input here please! Thanks, Greg
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