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    Alexandria, Louisiana, USA
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    Gardening, Christmas lights and caring for our tropical birds
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    Walter-Retired (Gulf of Mexico Oil Field), Jackie- Retired (High School Coach)
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    Magic Christmas has over 200,000 lights which include many special effect lights. Probably the most dynamic and crowd pleasing are the 400 plus strobes that vary in size and intensity. Walter has designed and built a very unique Christmas train that travel through a forest of Christmas trees. He also broadcast the music that is synchronized to the light show over a low power FM frequency.

    Old toys are outlined with rope lights and are hung from two oak trees as ornaments. Other elements include massive bubbles as well as handmade quilted pieces.

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  1. Awesome---the Patriotic Display just might be our favorite at Christmas in Cotton Plant. Nice addition!!!!!
  2. We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Bill Foley. Bill was a good friend and mentor . Mark Z summed it all up so well. Bill will be very much missed . Our thoughts and prayers go out to Nancy and Bills family.
  3. It is good to hear your home was not totaled and you were not injured. We had very little damage , but lost our air conditioning due to electrical spikes . Good luck with your train.
  4. Looks like you have a real nice pole . Don't know if the Portable Hole will work for your situation or not, but shoot me an email at walter @magicchristmas and lets talk .
  5. Sounds like maybe a style of early Bert Kaempfert . [Wonderland By Night , Red roses For A Blue Lady, Three O'clock In The Morning]. I ran the recordings side by side and it seems to mimic his arrangements.
  6. Look at pg 6 and 7 of the tutorial. The 3/4 " flange should fit exactly [with it's own bolts and nuts] between the large bolt heads of the 2" flange. A small amount of filing on the 3/4 " flange edges might be necessary to remove excess castings.
  7. That Topper looks good. A 3/4 " floor flange for a Star or other top piece will fit between those 4 holes in the middle.
  8. We will be attending the Miss Mini. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.
  9. Here is a tutorial about the ColorMotions Tree. The instructions are detailed. Downloading the link takes a few minutes. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gsobu8te7al48h5/Building%20A%20ColorMotions%20Tree.pdf
  10. Wow! A lot of effort involved in that display. Very different .
  11. Wayne , The pixels are attached to polyester banding material which is tensioned between a topper and a bottom ring. We are preparing a detailed tutorial about the Colormotions tree which will be posted here in about a week. Any specific questions you have , please email me at [email protected]
  12. One of our Mac computers is giving a warning about visiting this site will harm your computer.
  13. You must hold the record for the highest number of inflatables . How many does that make for you now?
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