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  1. I can vouch for the colored gels. Use a normal flood light with the gel in front of it and you'll get some very rich colors. I've been using them for a couple of years now.
  2. Gary, This may not be a good idea but have you though about using camera flashes? I'm not sure what circuitry you'd need to build but it's a thought. The other thing that comes to mind is to check out some of the new LED flood lights. They are bright white and come on instantly. I've been hearing some say they look similar to a strobe when triggered correctly. Just some thoughts off the top of my head.
  3. Mark, Unfortunately I have also been there. Know that you'll be in my thoughts. I hope everything works out for the best.
  4. Jerry, Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't aware they were that loud! I'll have to keep that in mind. How many years did you get out of yours before the pump went out? Thanks!
  5. Hello all! I have decided to add a snow machine to this years display. The model I am looking at is the Chauvet SM150 DMX Snow Machine. Does anyone have any experience with this particular machine? I would love to hear your thoughts good or bad before I spend the money. Thanks!
  6. Rob, Welcome aboard! As a former haunter myself I assure you that there are a number of technologies described within these pages that will apply well. The lighting systems become more advanced and cost effective every day and the addition of servo control to these systems will make fully integrated animatronic displays a breeze. Thanks for joining us and if you have a question about something don't hesitate to post. There is a vast spectrum of experiance available here and chances are someone here will know the answer to almost any question! Take care!
  7. Hello all! Hope you are all enjoying the warm weather. I've been thinking about parts of my display for this year and I have an idea I want to run past the group. I have several of those inexpensive holiday projectors that throw images onto your house. I would like to make a custom slide for a couple of these. Has anyone ever done it? I'm thinking using transparency kits and a color printer I might be able to print my own and cut it out. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks! Scott Hardin Columbus, IN
  8. Zac, It can be done. I'm about half way there. The trick is that it's fairly expensive and LOR channels are not really the best way to go to light an electric match. If you really want to do it check out "electric match" and "electronic firing systems" on google. That's how I started. Last years show was about 35 minutes long, fireworks manually synched to music (lights were computer synced), threw about 6000 shells in the air. I don't invite the public, do it in the country away from people and houses, and invite about 300 of my closest friends and family. Scott
  9. Will, Thanks for the opinion. I am looking to sync Christmas lights to music using this but I'm also looking to do more advanced "shows" for things like the 4th of July, Parties, etc. There are so many more options with regards to lighting using DMX (moving heads, etc.). I agree that it will take more time to do the sync than using LOR. I'm just hoping to find the solution that helps narrow the gap a little. Take Care! Scott Hardin
  10. Howdy all! I've been looking the last couple of days at DMX hardware and software. There are SO many choices out there. Does anybody have any favorites? I'm hoping to not go too expensive. Something in the $1000 or under range. I know that Dan has announced that his controllers will soon be DMX controllable so I'm looking to use them as dimmer packs and purchase some other DMX lights and sync them to music. Thanks in advance for any advice! Scott Hardin
  11. My biggest idea for next year can be summed up in one word: Lasers. Now I just have to make the ideas in my head work in the yard! Scott Hardin
  12. Norm, I'm so sorry. I lost my mega tree to a windstorm this year as well. I know how terrible the moment was when I came around the corner and saw it laying flat. At least it brought joy to hundreds of people this season before it's untimely demise. Scott Hardin Columbus, IN
  13. Carrie, I spoke with the owner of the company and they did pull the addresses from ChristmasLightFinder.com Scott
  14. VERY nice job. It's style is simple and very classy. Scott
  15. Got mine a couple of days ago. I've chatted with the owner of the business. He got our names by pulling them from ChristmasLightFinder.com They do look like a cool idea. Scott Hardin Columbus, IN
  16. Now that's a great idea! It also saves taxpayer dollars because we don't have to house and feed them while they're in jail. Scott Hardin
  17. Erin, Don't be afraid of those Brian Setzer tunes. I use several of them in my displays and they are some of my favorites. The highs on those horns look great with some well timed up-fades. I used one as my second ever LOR sequnce and actually thought is was easier than my slower first song. Just dive in - you'll be surprised how quick it goes. Scott Hardin P.S. - If you want to see an example of one here is a link to my version of Brian Setzer's Jingle Bells: http://media.putfile.com/Computer-Christmas-Lights---Jingle-Bells
  18. Chuck, I can't really come up with anything original to say so I'll keep it simple - Thanks! for everything. This place you've nurtured and built is really amazing. Scott Hardin Columbus, IN
  19. Mike and Jen, Welcome aboard. Glad you found this place. Nothing like a new home to decorate. You'll find plenty of ideas here. If you run into questions, don't hesitiate to shout. Someone here has probably already dealt with it before. Happy Holidays! Scott Hardin Columbus, IN
  20. The only advice I can offer is to take a bath towel and fold up. Lay it across the window sill in the areas where the cords aren't going out. Then shut the window. It fills in some of the gap. Important for me since I run mine from my master bedroom. Scott Hardin Columbus, IN
  21. When you create a playlist of next years display to fall asleep to. OK, OK, so it does get worse... Then listen to it while drifting off to sleep only to have to get back up in an hour because you've gotten way too many good ideas not to write them down. OK - So this might have happened to me last night. Actually wrote out 5 pages of ideas. LOL. I've got chemist friends with Eli Lilly. Maybe they can make a pill to help this. :laughing: Scott Hardin Columbus, IN
  22. Scott, The one's in my video that you commentd on are 24" tall. I'm actually thinking of cutting off about 6 inches for next year. The seem a little too tall to me. Take Care! Scott Hardin Columbus, IN
  23. Hi Gary! Welcome to PlanetChristmas. I'm glad you found us. You'll find more creativity and help here than anyplace I've ever found on the net. You are absolutely allowed to post links to video and pictures here. As a matter of fact we encourage it! Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like seeing others ideas in action. I might suggest you post your links in the "Show & Tell" section here on the forums. Looking forward to seeing your video. I've got some ideas running in my head for something similar using Malibu garden floods and Red, Green, and Blue C7 bulbs run from an LOR controller. Scott Hardin Columbus, IN
  24. Rich, I am so very sorry for the loss of your display. This kind of senseless vandalism makes my blood boil. I've been lucky with my Christmas display but got hit on my Halloween display a couple of times. One suggestion for you that I've used myself is small cameras from a company called X10 scattered around the yard (http://www.x10.com). I post a sign that says "this display monitored by video security at all times". During Halloween I even take a couple of small floodlights and point them towards the camera housings in the trees so that vandals are sure to see them. I only run those when the display is not active. I know it won't stop them but at least it makes them think twice about getting caught. Again, I'm very sorry for your loss. The items can be replaced with money easy enough. It's much more difficult to repair a sense of security for your children and yourself. You and your family will be in my thoughts.... Scott Hardin Columbus, IN
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