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  1. Lowes here went 60% day before christmas I bough out 2 stores leesburg and mount dora. I grabbed all the c9's and c7's my best grab was 2 wreath's a 6ft for $26 and a 4ft for $19. I have been trying to get big wreaths after christmas for 3 years it was finally my year.
  2. It still angers me how paul handled this he should have sent replacements from the factory we thought they were coming from originally.
  3. Travis is a stand up guy. I placed an order with him and having 4 children things go wrong. Long story short he waited for payment and sent me the lights. This unselfish act has earned my trust and business. Give him a chance it was his first big year. He has admitted his fault and I am confident he will correct it. Why are we bickering instead of offering our help?
  4. Nice North Poles avman now for the big question did you use cement?
  5. Thank you all the christmas items are sold I do have two boxes full of halloween lights orange purple and multi-orange and purple. Atleast ten of each possibly more I need to get a full count. Let me know if your interested please I need to sell them asap. Thank you for the paypal contributions I cannot express how much this is helping us it really is a blessing thank you.
  6. Thank you so much for the generous offer. It would be of much help if people would like to make a donation to help us move, so that we can get the care that our daughter needs. We are more than grateful to anymore that decides to do so. We thank everybody and especially yourself for taking such an interest in what is going on in our lives right at the moment. We dont expect anything from anybody, just the warm replies and people expressing your thoughts are enough. If anyone would like to help us out that would be more than fantastic, our paypal account is [email protected], Again we are more than grateful to anyone that decides to help us through this rough patch in our lives. Thanks so much, The Salter's.
  7. Have to sell need the money now carrying a mortgage and a rent payment, with four children all under the age of 4. Needed to move so that our 3 year old can get the care she needs from a special hospital. She is ADHD and borderline autistic. This move is a must and we cant use any of these things once we move into the apartment, unfortunatly. Id rather not have to give it all up, but we have no choice. We have 38 boxes of multi colored C 7's, never opened!! 5 boxes of clear C 7's never opened! 2 boxes of muliti C 9's never opened! and 24 boxes of clear C 9's also never opened!! We also have six 7 1/2 foot tall silver penny christmas tree's, multi colored, new in the box. We have 135 3 outlet extension cords which are 6ft long each. 2 light o rama CTB16Dv5 controllers, never used mounted in enclosure with power cords never attached!!!! And 1 box which is 15amp light o roma fuses 12. We are in desperate need of this money to help us move and pay for bills and rent until my wife can find a job. Again its very important that we sell these items. We also have a ton of plastic clips for lighting, I have not had a chance to go through them all. But its a lot.
  8. I usually like repainted molds however in this case I would leave them alone.
  9. Well that sounds like a good season test. Now the big question can they beat pauls pricing? I think we all agree we need alot of c9's the price point hopefully will be good.
  10. Yes I am greatly outnumbered Tim. No babysitter will touch us, thankfully my wife and I work opposite shifts. I wouldn't trade it for anything. thankfully my kids love dancing to christmas lights all year and it keeps them busy
  11. Oh you meant tonight well the wife is still at work, my 3 1/2 year old is bossing my 1 year old around. My 3 1/2 year old is now screaming from my one year old hitting her. My 2 year old is laughing and throwing things at my 2 month old. It took me 20 min to write this AHHHHHHHHHHHH MEMORIES. I should be able to call as soon as the wife gets home are you allowed calls after 8pm Louie.
  12. Yeah I want to compare the price to paul's. The calendar was circled on jan 9th. I guess we will have to wait and see.
  13. http://www.ledretros.com/ is not working. Did they take it down, has not worked in days?
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