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    I started a computerized display in 2011 and have grown it since.
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    Newbie just getting started 32000 lights and a 240 channel LOR light show

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  1. That just crazy. most of those look pretty rough. i wonder how they got there they don't seem to be cared for the way they are sitting outside.
  2. Mine are about 18" 7 section
  3. you will be fine I'm sure of it. i had the same concerns as you till i tried it. the wraps don't even need to be neat loser is a little better other wise you end up with rows of lights.
  4. I don't think you will have no problems with the gaps they are not bad at all.
  5. Mcas4380


    I believe you can import your channel assignments into the visualizer but not the other way.
  6. we had those nice days and I had to work. im sure when im off work it will be bad out again.
  7. WOW you would have to spend a lot of time in forums. now i have more places to go and read.
  8. i'm hoping my scheduale allows me to work on it this week. this will be the latest i have had to wait to put it away. weather has been unhelpful.
  9. I thought it sounded weird to me. The manager told me they sell them back.seems like a waste to me. And I seem to remember them going like 90% last year.
  10. Lowes told me last night that 75% would be the most they would discount even though they had a lot left. i was told by the manager that they would just ship them back to the manufactures if they don't sell at that price? i hadn't heard of that before any one else?
  11. I hope the prices on there website are not right. They are really high. http://m.sears.com/index-g.html#/details/guest/SPM9751216013?source=online
  12. Welcome threre is a lot of info in this forum. Once you start you can't stop.
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