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  1. That just crazy. most of those look pretty rough. i wonder how they got there they don't seem to be cared for the way they are sitting outside.
  2. Mine are about 18" 7 section
  3. you will be fine I'm sure of it. i had the same concerns as you till i tried it. the wraps don't even need to be neat loser is a little better other wise you end up with rows of lights.
  4. I don't think you will have no problems with the gaps they are not bad at all.
  5. Mcas4380


    I believe you can import your channel assignments into the visualizer but not the other way.
  6. we had those nice days and I had to work. im sure when im off work it will be bad out again.
  7. WOW you would have to spend a lot of time in forums. now i have more places to go and read.
  8. i'm hoping my scheduale allows me to work on it this week. this will be the latest i have had to wait to put it away. weather has been unhelpful.
  9. I thought it sounded weird to me. The manager told me they sell them back.seems like a waste to me. And I seem to remember them going like 90% last year.
  10. Lowes told me last night that 75% would be the most they would discount even though they had a lot left. i was told by the manager that they would just ship them back to the manufactures if they don't sell at that price? i hadn't heard of that before any one else?
  11. I hope the prices on there website are not right. They are really high. http://m.sears.com/index-g.html#/details/guest/SPM9751216013?source=online
  12. Welcome threre is a lot of info in this forum. Once you start you can't stop.
  13. picked up 36 boxes of net lights a 2 dollars a box.
  14. first off i'm still learning. but i don't think you will need 600 nodes that would be a 1800 channel tree. my understanding is theese are so bright that it will cut down on you light/ node count. here is a great place to start reading and figure things out. http://auschristmaslighting.com/wiki/Main_Page also they fave a forum http://auschristmaslighting.com/forums/index.php this has helped me to understand it more.
  15. Viemo usally works well for no music police make sure to mention the fare use act in your description. I don't know if this really make a differance but my video's have been fine since.
  16. 60% off is a good price concider your self lucky. they have always told me that they wouldn't ever go below 50% and that he couple of days before christmas.
  17. That been my experience with menards. I find them very frustrating. The have the largest supply of Christmas stuff in my area but their pricing make no sense to me. Guess that's why they have so much.
  18. Well after the advice here and much thought I decided to pass on this at this time. I asked the producer how they heard of turns out they saw our show in a local events calendar (my idea to bring more attention to our cause.) Not sure if they have even seen the display yet. They did say it might air any time during the year so that seemed odd to me. Seems this show only airs during the spring till early fall. They seemed to be more focused on the behind the scenes stuff which would be a little more then I ‘m comfortable sharing at this time. (Feel like it’s just a chance to open my doors to the criminal types.). I did invite them to contact me closer to next year so if they showed stuff it would be what people might see next year. They seemed to like this idea asked if they could film during the set up, I let them know we could talk about it. As far as them focusing on our effort for our charity, TAP filmed a lot of video this year of our display and I told them they could contact TAP and see if they wanted to talk to them and share the footage. I’m sure this isn’t what they wanted but right now it’s what felt right. Thanks everyone for your input. Mike
  19. So i just talked to them they say they aren't sure when they would air this could be any time next year and possable around the holidays next year be re-run. they seem to be very intrested in the set up and programing part. I know im not comfortable getting to involed with the hardware and cost stuff or letting a camera crew in my house i don't want to make us a target. they do also want to talk about why we raise money. I know I wouldn't let my Autistic son be interviewed. what would you do?
  20. Both good advice. just strikes me a strange that they would want a story this late.
  21. I was just approched my a new show who want to do a story about our lights. that right they approuched us on the 30th of December and doing some research this show only airs on weekends. so the soonest that there would be a story is the 4th of January? Here is the message they sent. Hello, My name is Nathan Luber and I am a commercial producer at WICS-TV for the show Illinois Central. I apologize I am messageing you from my personal page, but I couldn't message you from our Illinois Central page for some reason. Anyway, we were wanting a contact for who could talk to us about the holiday house. We know where it is at, but no contact info other than that. We would like to do a story on this house for the show. I know if it kind of late notice, but if at all possible we would like to come out today/tonight to interview the home owner and operator about how the lights work, some difficulties setting things up, what they mean, where the money goes and things like that. We would really appreciate a call back or email ASAP if possible. You can reach me on my cell at 217-370-8974 or by email at [email protected] Thank you for your time. Can't wait to hear from you! Nathan Luber Commercial Producer WICS-TV Now we raise money for our local Autism Program and donations this year have not been great put this story couldn't air till 4 days after the show is done for the year. Can anything good come from this? how would you handle the interview? What should I expect? There was a Newspaper article on us last year in the early part of December and I think it really helped drive donations. This year we were told after the fact that the local news did a story on us after the weather on Christmas Eve. But they never contacted us? It was about 20 seconds of air time and from the sounds of it they quoted our Face book page for their details. So we still haven’t seen this story because they want $20 for a tape of it? What do you guys thinks this is new to me and I know some of you have worked with the media before any advice?
  22. This is around the time my winter blues are the worst after the fun is done.
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