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  1. Ok, we had a licensed electrician come in and install more outlets. 20 amps on 2 separate circuits, separate breakers. We are static this year, plan to go LOR next year. We used the dusk/dawn single outlet timers last year and only had half the display come on because of the location. I bought 2 6 outlet digital timers from Walmart to use this year. They have built in circuit breakers. Last night one kept tripping. I believe this was due to some lights laying on the damp ground (tried to do a river with blue net lights) My questions are: 1. Does anyone know how much power those timers can hold in each outlet? 2. What is the maximum number of lights you can plug into those triple tap things? 3. Any suggestions for the river of lights? My display is all incands. I have some open outlets on the timers, but I have lots more stuff to add and want to make sure I don't need to buy another timer since we are going LOR next year. These timers are really just for this years display. Questions for the future: 4. Am I understanding correctly that LOR has its own timer of when to begin the show? 5. I assume I need a few hundred of those triple taps in order to get cords across the yard for the controller? Thanks everyone!
  2. Eh, luckily I only need the two pack, so its not expensive for me.
  3. What do y'all use to attach stuff to brick houses? Like a hook that you can hang stuff off of. And whatever you use can I get it at Lowes?
  4. We are the first house in our subdivision off of a busy main highway and I would like to have a sign pointing our way, but I don't know what to call us. I want something catchy. The street name is Moss Glen Dr, so I was thinking "Lights in the Glen". But, we are the only ones who do lights. Should I wait until next year when we can finally go animated? Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks!
  5. Ok, that sounds good. I wasn't sure if the weight would be an issue for them. I'm usually one to secure things extremely well, aka overkill lol so I'd probably attach to three shingle clips. Thanks!
  6. I had my daughter August 15. She is a pretty good baby so far. I have the best mother in the world because she helps out enormously with caring for her while I am at work. This will also let hubby and I put up the lights while she watches the baby. We also have friends who would like to babysit or help with the lights, so I'm thinking we can do it. I scaled back from my original idea- no arches over the driveway this year but we will begin putting up lights this weekend! Can't wait and so far baby loves looking at lights, just like her mama!
  7. I have an 8 foot wood/lights snowflake that lays flat on our roof. We attached it by tying it to the gutter nails last year. This year we have smaller plastic snowflakes about 3 feet in diameter that I'd like to attach somehow. We have your standard shingle roof, and my husband would rather not put any nails or screws into it. So my question is just how am I supposed to attach these things to the roof?
  8. Ok, newbie here. Is there a way for an electrician to put a timer in the fuse/breaker box? I have only one outdoor outlet right now (will be remedying that situation before this season) and would like to not have to use a ton of photo sensitive timers in the yard. They usually trip and one side of my house gets darker before the other, so half the lights are on, half not. Lights are static for now, may try to do animated in the next couple of years. Also, if there is a way to put a timer in the fuse box, any idea how much that might cost? Thanks.
  9. Alright folks, I need some advice. I am pregnant and will deliver sometime in August. I REALLY love putting up lights (we did around 10,000 static in 2011) I fully understand that I will have a 3-4 month old around christmastime. Before we found out we were pregnant, we had planned several additions (10,000 more lights) for this coming year. Now my hubby doesn't want to do it. (But he's never really been as enthusiastic as me anyway) We were planning on beginning to decorate in October (I'm in TN, so good weather for this month usually) What would y'all do? Any other members (mothers) have a newborn and still manage to decorate? I am a very determined and organized person. I'm also one of those people who thinks that your life and the things you enjoy doing don't have to stop completely just because you have a newborn. Life goes on, and you learn to rearrange your newly changed life. Thanks everybody!
  10. SantaJoe, the breaker does usually trip at least once a week, if there is alot of rain, and I had some trees that ended up in standing water. Also the timers I had plugged into the flood light outlets were warm and kept wanting to come unplugged and fill with water. Just not a good situation. cacoulter- Thanks. I really need to get the number of the guy who did our fan in our bedroom, seemed very knowledgeable and my family knows him as well. Always a good idea to know an electrician, especially if you are christmas light crazy!
  11. I'm a newbie, still static, but want to add about another 10,000 or so mini incands. (Had about 10,000 last year.) I HAVE to upgrade my electrical. Last year we ran those 10,000 off 2 outside gfi outlets, along with flood light plugs. Yeah, I know, not the safest setup, hence my questions. Should I add to my existing breaker, or have more plugs installed outside? I truly don't understand alot about electrical, so obviously will be calling an electrician. I'm in TN, does anyone know how much something like that would cost? Thanks
  12. Could I just run the extension cords through the windows with foam rubber? And really divide the load more. I have lots of windows to use, but only the 2 outlets in the back.
  13. Here's the facts: around 10,000 static incandescents. Only 2 actual outdoor outlets, 1 extension cord each (then a few off those in the yard) not GFI that I know of. Alot of the lights are connected to my floodlights with the adapters, so not all 10,000 lights just on 2 outlets. I'm pretty sure my panel isn't quite big enough, but I just want my lights on for this year. Will update panel/outlets after income taxes. The lights are on 2 timers. Last night in this torrential rain that middle TN is having, they didn't come on at all. Checked the box- CB tripped. Tried to reset, kept tripping. So for the time being, just unplugged both cords. I thought we had done every precaution by splitting up the power, capping off all open strings with the childproof caps, and I even rigged old glad containers to keep the extension cord connections high and dry- and they work great! One of my timers is on the ground, but not in standing water. The other lays on top of my AC unit. My questions are, why does it keep tripping, and what can I do to stop it? Remember, I am a newbie and don't understand a whole lot about electrical- yet. Thanks!
  14. The husband and I created an 8 foot diameter wood snowflake with teal mini incandescents stapled to it. We are planning on laying it flat on our roof- it doesn't slope much- and attach it to the gutter nails for support. My question is, any way I could maybe make it stand up? Sorry the picture is at night- I had to see the lights turned on! Oh and by the way, we are complete newbies at this, but have over 10K lights and growing!
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