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  1. if I could afford it.. I would drive to OH
  2. Great job.. how much are you asking for him?
  3. i sent you sa message though yahoo you want the two or no

  4. We have the same problem. With the crazy work hours and a winter of snow, ice, and high winds we still have our display up.So just for a good time we programmed some valentine day programs and ran them for a few days and with easter comming we figured we do some easter songs and run the display
  5. Have to go back and make sure I got everybody.
  6. I am new to LOR but with the Auora program it was best to convert it to a wav file.. hopefully someone has good advice for you.. but it couldn't hurt to try it
  7. how do you have them anchored on the driveway?
  8. I will second that. Darryl has been a part of both our Halloween and Christmas displays since we first started. When ever we had any problems, almost always on my part he has always gone out of his way to help us get ourselves out of a bind.
  9. going to go like them all https://www.facebook.com/pages/Denville-Holiday-Lights/223663417681147
  10. Onewish1

    Led Keeper

    Yes they are both the same thing, Don't know why they are two different colors. The only down fall is you have to buy additional pods seperate and the best price I have foiund was 8$ for a set of four
  11. put it on my picasa page https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/1wlB1j7KHt7q4EiBtlpVZZZCRENcpmfayvzEA_7rxeM?feat=directlink
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