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  1. http://www.clearwaterlights.org/ Check this site George is pretty good and still taking orders
  2. I have never seen this but try googling it and add LOR forum on the end you may find something .
  3. Another free software is Audacity and you can export it to wave file also or MP3.
  4. Does anyone know how these are wired to the rectifiers as I have one set dim compared to the rest and would like to take the time in the new year to repair this set as I may have a few more in the future. The complete set is dim not just one half. Denis
  5. I would probably use a temporary shelter frame and wrap sleeves to go over the pipes. You can get those shelters in many different sizes and would be easy to take down and store. Just my idea. Denis
  6. Cannot see full avatar only shows about 10% of avatar. Anyone have any ideas to fix it
  7. Light sales are on now look up CDI or MIT on this forum will last till end of month
  8. Glad to see you guys getting the snow,(lol lol )rained all NewYears weekend and -5 to -9 all last week for tear down which is complete and all put away,we have maybe six inches of snow, sunny,a little chilly at -19 but great for fishing .Retirement over for the last two weeks maybe go back to work for a while next week.
  9. Was a Mini organized a few years ago by Zac Cutt but he hasn't been on this forum in years
  10. Hello Everyone Would also be nice if everyone put what part of Ontario they live in as it is a big province.LOL
  11. ALLright YES There Is a Santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Wonderful idea and thank you for sharing with us !!!
  13. Here is a picture of one in Central Park http://outdoors.webshots.com/photo/2433725880036917201uRpScw Then for the really heavy snowfall LOL http://www.gizmag.com/go/4889/gallery/
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