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    I love lights !! I am 38 years old with a wife and a 7 year old son. Christmas is the best time of year for our family. I am a firefighter by trade and would love to be a Griswold by choice. I hope to learn a lot and grow in this community.
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    I enjoy cooking, and family time. Sports are great as long as it is college sports. I am a HUGE fan of Christmas.
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    Firefighter / Paramedic.
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    I have always tried to make my yard festive for the season. This is my first time to get involved in the REAL Christmas Light Display mode. I hope to start now in order to prep for Christmas 2011. I am about 75% LED right now. I have already begun my mini trees and hope to start my Mega tree, leaping arches, and Marty Fan soon. I just want some guidance from the veterans.

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  1. I made my first arches this year also - sleeve version. 10 ft. conduit for stability backbone covered with 14.5 in. sleeves (x8) I used 100ct. faceted LEDs from Lowes. Had the single line problem as well. I just went to the end of the pipe in a wide wrap then went back and forth with a random wrap as the space demanded to fill in the gappy areas. It took a little longer per sleeve but I believe it looks pretty good. Doing 4 arches this year. My issue is not enough controllers for sequencing, so I will have each arch on a solid config. They will be tied into the 4 channels on my spiral layout
  2. I used our 12' tramnpoline frame this as well. My yard is a bit unlevel so I had to used longer legs on some of them. I am using electrical tape this time as it tends to hold well during colder temps. I incorporate a spiral tree over my mega tree so I needed a way of attaching the vertical strands to keep them as tight as possible for the spiral tree to stay positioned propertly. I may try the velcro next time to see how well it works in comparison to the electrical tape. Thanks to all who have responded with your tips.
  3. 3 sequences on their way. I sent the ones that I arranged because they were set up with the proper amount of channels in mind. The one that you see on Youtubewas designed for a 16 channel mega tree. The only problem I encountered was that 4 of my 16 channels were the spiral that you are looking for. If youhave any questions please feel free to hit me up here or shoot me an email.
  4. Cool. I will try to get those to you today. I have a seven song rotation from last year. I will try to send the ones that looked the best. I used a couple of sequences from LOR's website, but the others were my own programming. The preprogrammed ones were little strange since I only had 12 channels for the vertical strands. The other four channels were used for the spiral portion due to a limited number of controllers. It took me a few tries to get myu mind wrapped around the layout, but I was pleased - for my first time ever.
  5. Hello fellow enthusiasts. This is year 2 for me. I made it through last year and had a ball. I now have a question. What is the standard for attaching strands to the bottom of your mega tree? I have a system for mine, however it seems unprofessional IMO. Would love advise from you "pros" and senior members. I have 24 strands, double up for 48 contact points at ground level plus 8 strands of a spiral overlay on top of the verticals. Pics would be awesome.
  6. I did a mega tree with a spiral tree together last year and will be doing the same this year. If I can figure out how to send you my sequences, I will send them. I have 12 channels of mega tree and 4 channels of spiral tree overlay. If you can send me info on how to email the sequences I will try to help you out. This was my first year of animated lights and I went complex for a newbie. I liked it myself. There is a video on Youtube under Nails Family Christmas.
  7. Incredible. I think I want this. Been using the old PVC homemade tree. Would love a parts list when you get to that point. Great job.
  8. I absolutely love the sequencing. Your use of the arches overlayed like that was, well, refreshing. 2012 will be my first year with arches. It appeared as if you had them encompassed in net lighting as well. Is that the case?
  9. This being my first year, I did not plan on doing anything "post Christmas" but what a cool idea. I normally use a different DJ software ( I DJ on the side of my side jobs ) but have just started playing around with Audacity. It looks pretty cool so we will see. I will certainly plan on a year-end sequencing run for next year though, you can bet. Great job to all and HNY !!
  10. A little late on the update but here it goes. I swapped emails with LOR and was able to correct the triac problem without replacing anything. The jumper on the upper lright corner of the box has to be removed to reset box. 1. Remove power from controller. 2. Remove jumper from upper right corner (see manual for diagram of location). 3. Return power for controller. Leave on for a minute or two. 4. Remove power from controller again. 5. Return jumper to prior location (make note to put in original location). 6. Shut down entire system (all controllers in show). 7. The controller in ques
  11. Li'l Joe, congrats on the excitement. I was there. This is my first year with LOR. I have 32 channels controlling 12,000 LEDs running 6 songs and a 30 second closer. The show runs about 22-23 minutes. Great traffic flow for my first year. I agree with the senior members - quality not quanity. I am running 10 4' mini trees, 1 15' megatree with a spiral setup overlay, several small trees, icycles, and a few bannister and wall lights. I shared channels for a few of the misc. trees in order to keep my channel count down. LOR has a couple of sequences available on their website ( Sarejevo is one of
  12. Thank you fireman. I, too, am a firefighter here in Alabama. I used this coupon last year to purchase my lights for my first display using LOR. I have been waiting to see if there would be another one for this year. ALL HAIL FIREMAN 5214 !!!
  13. This is my first year using LOR. I do not even know what a triac is, much less how to replace one. I have had my show running for about 10 nights. I bought this controller back during the early sale this year. How often do you have a triac go out on a brand new controller? Somebody please help a newbie. 12,000 LEDs, 32 channels, and 2 strands of warm white spiral lights causing my migraines. LOL
  14. I used the metal stake and wood idea. I also made a rain shelter for my subpanel in the display. As for the painting, a buddy gave me this idea - automotive undercoating. You can pick it up at your local auto parts store. It is black, rubberized material in a spray can. It works for the unseen look and it weatherproofs because of the rubberization. Similar to spray on bedliners. I found it for around $2.50 per can.
  15. This has really been useful information and tips. I have a 100' lead out to a 40 amp subpanel in the front yard. i am running two GFCI plug circuits out of that subpanel. They are daisy chained which I will be redoing next season (budget for new subpanel). I too, am all LED. This is my first year up from static to LOR and am loving it so far. I have never had a problem with trips with my static displays, but I have hever had so many lights, cords, and unbelievable fun with my Christmas display. Thank you to all my fellow decorators. I look forward to continuing the joy of Land-O-Lights. (LOL)
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