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  1. RyanTN

    Thank You

    Thanks to everyone for setting up such a great expo!!!. This was my first year going, and it made it easier being so close. I got a lot of information from the vendors and others who attended. TONS of ideas! THANK YOU
  2. I wish I could find garage sales like that. All I go to that advertise Christmas decor have inside stuff... I have too much inside stuff... I need LIGHTS!!!
  3. The website is www.qualitysilkplants.com
  4. Here are the 2 local news stations and newspaper with stories on the expo. Knoxville News Sentinel WBIRWVLT
  5. The museum is located in Townsend, Tennessee. About 30 mins from PLUS in Gatlinburg.
  6. The family and I went to the Little River Railroad museum today and I ran into the person who does the christmas display there. After a long conversation, I volunteered to move my light show to that location as it would be seen by alot more people than at my house. He told me he normally puts up a small static display with garland on the train, two buildings and the water tower on the property. When I approached him, he was sizing the wheels of the train for hula hoops to put chasing lights on to make it look as they are spinning. I explained to him how LOR works and asked him his thoughts on
  7. Great tips!!! I wanted to add one more thing. While driving through Gatlinburg on the parkway, watch out for pedestrians crossing in front of you. They will sometimes cross in front of cars thinking they are going to stop. Also watch for cars in front of you to stop suddenly. This may sound like common sense, but there are TONS of distractions on the side of the road. You will be rolling at 2 mph looking at the big dinosaur on top of a roof breathing smoke and you will miss the car that just stopped in front of you.
  8. Havent tackled cutouts yet, hopefully soon. I would use clear spraypaint.
  9. I use 3 colors of c7 style leds on my gutters. Red, green, and blue. They are all on 6 inch spacing. When they are all on the roof they are maybe 1 to 2 inches apart. I placed them horizonaly as well to be brighter. When one color is on, it looks imo, like those neon tubes lining buildings. You cant see breaks in the lights when looking from the street. When all are on, it gives me my "4th" color...purple.
  10. Im thinking of using a fiberglass floor pan for mine and tile on the walls. I dont know how else to get the slope in the tile. I have also been told by others to make sure you use the waterproof membrane at least half way up the wall. I just started on my kitchen this week, then illl move to the baths. Im no expert.. ive just been researching this for a while.
  11. They make a styrofoam base for showers that come in two pieces that you tile over top of. It already has the pitch to go to the drain and comes with a styrofoam block for the entrance to the shower. Ive seen it on Holmes on Homes. Google probase shower pan kit. Its not cheap.
  12. Since it dont seem practical to use this for a complete subpanel, I am thinking of running this wire to a subpanel box I found at lowes. This panel will take 4- 15 amp breakers, as well as 2 Lor boards tucked inside the panel. I will then have 32 pigtails exiting out the bottom. I am gonna use this for my mega tree. Will this work?
  13. I have been seeing commercials on tv for one way flights to and from Knoxville (tys) on vision airlines starting at $39.00
  14. Thanks, safety is what i was going for... i dont want to get myself or anyone else hurt. Is there a type of 4 conductor plug I can get to permantly mount to my house and plug my cord into? And any ideas for a cheap box on the other end that is waterproof that i can mount outlets in?
  15. I have heard of alot of people using RV cable for building a subpanel. I just got 50ft of stranded 10-4 cable and was thinking i might use it in for a small subpanel in the outer part of my yard. Im thinking I could only hook 2 30 amp circuits to this, which would only power 2 controllers (2 Hots and 2 Colds) Is there a better way to get more power through this wire safely? I would like to power 3 or more controllers. I dont think i need a ground wire because I will not be plugging any thing in that has a ground.
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