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  1. In 2011 I purchased 24 strands of sealed purple and pure white LEDS. After two seasons on my Mega Tree, almost every set of purple have 1-4 bulbs burned out with some others twinkling like they are ready to give up as well. the pure white lights are all working fine. Are the purple lights somehow more prone to go bad do the the dimming, fading, ramping effects etc? The most that I have connected together are 6 sets of 70 count per channel so they are not overloaded.The other sealed and non sealed lights connected to other controllers do not seem to be affected, just the purple on the Mega Tree.         

  2. I think you are about to find out!

    I wasn't going to reply but you did ask!

    Some of us build things that require lights or like me swap out or add lights to items.

    This takes time. Where I live the temp can go below freezing in the next few weeks which makes working outside difficult.

    I would prefer to work outside in short instead of a parka and gloves.

    Halloween is about a month away the day after I start setting up for Christmas.

    Again you asked! :-)

    I too live in an area where it gets cold in November and prefer to do most of my setup in October so I only have to run extension cords in the cold weather. While not Canada cold, it still can be uncomfortable. I have been swapping out lights and building numerous items with lights from another vendor and with additional lights I had the foresight to order last year from MITS. All I am saying is wouldn't it be better to order from someone who has stock on hand if one absolutely needed lights by a certain date rather then rely on someone who has put together this group buy as a convenience to us? After all this isn't MITS primary business.

  3. I really don't understand the frustration about some lights. I ordered from MITS because I wanted to save some cash during the presale. Whenever they show up is fine for me. Lights that I absolutely needed to put on display items in advance I ordered from a different vendor who carries them in stock year round. Of course i paid more but I am satisfied with that decision. If it was easy to order directly from China we would all do it ourselves.

    Thanks from me as well Jacob for all your hard work.

  4. don't know if this worked or was just dumb luck but after rabbits chewed through the cords in my mega tree the after I set it up I put down moth balls. This kept them away for about 3 weeks. When I noticed them back I reloaded the area with fresh moth balls and no problems the rest of the season. since for me this only seems to happen inside the mega tree, I was also thinking about putting a fake owl in the tree next year.

    That reminds me of an old joke about moth balls, but I'll leave that alone for now! I had a bag of whole Tabasco and Habanero peppers that I sprinkled around my wireframes years ago that seemed to work. Maybe I'll try that along with the electrified chicken wire that Justin recommended. At least the rabbits would be seasoned.

  5. January-Order $1000.00 of new lights. February- Review C.C. bill and wonder why I ordered $1000.00 of new lights. March- Try to figure out what to do with $1000.00 of new lights. April- Finish figuring out what to do with $1000.00 of new lights. May thru June- Wish I would have bought more lights. July- receive $1000.00 of new lights. August thru September- Wish I would have bought more lights. October- start installing $1000.00 of new lights. November- Finish installing $1000.00 of new lights. December- Thank God I didn't buy additional lights . January- Repeat!

  6. Thanks NH -Dave and Justin for responding. Sorry for the late response but I have extremely busy lately. I am considering something about half the size of your set up Dave, mounted on two steel pipes which would slide into two other steel pipes buried flush into the ground. Also considering locking both together @ 6" below ground with a stainless steel bolt so thieving varmits won't be tempted to unplug and walk off with it. I haven't had any problems yet but why tempt fate, surely they wouldn't dig down 6" to find bolt or would they? Only problem I can see is during the off season keeping the receptacle end which would be stored inside of my flush mounted pedestal dry. We do have a high water table in Illinois.

  7. Since the 2011 show is up and running my thoughts are turning toward 2012. I am going in the poor house with all those extension cords. My house sets back @ 300' from the road with numerous large evergreens that I must illuminate from the house. I am contemplating running 4 dedicated underground lines to a series of "coffin pedestals" below grade enclosures with flush mounted lids. I am planning on one main center pedestal 100A max 240Vand tapping out of it to 4 other pedestals.Out of each of these I would like to make an above ground structure with receptacles to tie into these pedestals and be able to remove this structure in the off season. Any ideas on a stucture that would be easy to set up and take down?

  8. I bought (3) GE 15A 7-day dual outlet plug in timers for around $20.00 each from Home Depot this year. They have a battery backup that should keep time consistent.They have worked good so far but I don't have a lot of history with them yet.

  9. I doubt that the power co would want to cover the service wires going to the meter for a display as they are already insulated. As stated above there are fiberglass coverups available that most power cos.install on bare primary conductors that are bulky and ugly.These are generally used on a temporary basis to avoid incidental contact.

  10. This is my first year with a mega tree. I have had mine up since 1st week of Oct. with no issues. It has seen gusts of 50+mph and still standing. 4 guy wires secured to 4 screw anchors doing a great job. I didn't concern myself with calculating loading imposed on the guy wires, I just picked up some small diameter guy wire and installed it. I agree with bdedith don't use pvc (unless you are planning a bathroom remodel).

  11. I only buy sealed bulbs or the GE brand from Lowes. The only problem that I have had is where the plastic light bulb has fallen off and left the LED exposed. Some corrosion developed but a new replacement of the entire LED solved it. I have used numerous other non sealed Leds and generally throw them away (along with my money) after about three seasons.

  12. I have 99% of lights up and power cords run. Still have to fix several wire frames that don't work. (should have fixed at end of last season but I got lazy) Controllers working fine untill last weekend when one out of two GFCI started tripping on my 30A controller. I hope it's a simple fix and I don't have to bring the megger from work to test each extension cord.

  13. Get a different electrician! That would be saying that you could not connect connect a 60 watt bulb on the same circuit as a 100 watt bulb. I have run 50 ct, 70 ct, and 210 ct LEDS all connected together for years with no problem. As long as you don't exceed maximum amperage it shouldn't be a problem.

  14. Received my order today. Quality looks good. The only problem that I have is that I should have ordered a lot more. Even though its 100 degrees outside it's now time to repaint the Ferris wheel and mega tree base and install lights on wheel. Good thing I'm on vacation and there's plenty of cold refreshments available. Thanks Ryan for a job well done!

  15. I am also waiting for mine but haven't worried too much about delivery date. Here in the Midwest I am too busy with keeping my grass cut and tree limbs picked up from all the storms to fret over being first or last to receive them. I ordered from MITS because of the product quality and price. I don't need to start putting mine up in July! Now if Oct. gets here and I'm still looking in my mailbox I may start biting my finger nails.

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