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  1. Thanks ----over the top this year LOL these strobes suck had to throw away 20 of them thisyear (water in them)http://www.christmaslightshow.com/mini-strobe-light.html these are GREAT no problems http://www.creativedisplays.com/product/890/C-9-Incandescent-Strobe-Clear/ Merry Christmas ----how long till you take yours down ---we got to get down there !!!!!
  2. Thanks for the complement Chuck ....
  3. Well - its time to get started on this years (2012) display as I will be adding five 6 point awesome cosmic color ribbon STARS (each one is 5 foot wide) above the awesome arches and and a new lightorama product for this year on the eve of the house, cosmic color bulbs. I am also going to upgrage the lights in the big tree to Light Emiting Diodes (led's) as that will make it 2 times brighter and I will be adding more strobe lights.The add ons will be 1,050 more channels to program in the software this year for a total of 1,982 channels!!(I guess I better get busy --LOL) I will also be adding so
  4. This sequence is from my 2011 Light-o-rama show. 80 channels and approximately 25,000 lights. The circle/flower pattern is from an original idea of mine where with a simple geometric pattern I could make multiple shapes to animate. The sequence was written with S2 and involved making around 10 tracks for programming specific shapes. I am a musical instrument repairman by trade and this tune is from a trombone player I have done repair work for. When I first heard this song I knew I had to program it. Rock and roll has got nothing on some of these old big band numbers.
  5. Merry Christmas !!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Anacortes-Cool-Lights/302465186450431
  6. http://www.komonews.com/weather/lights/other/Anacortes----8232-SR-20-135049428.html WOW ---THIS IS COOL
  7. Still have 6 songs to sequence for arches to day .....total of 18....and new intro and make a face book like page ......sheese
  8. okay .....up and running 5 o'clock friday, today.... yahoo
  9. On schedule !!!!!! got the 6 - ccr arches built (11 foot by 6 foot high)---revamped big star on roof---man lift reserved for weekend of Nov 18(hope it does not rain)--- new star for tree---- made pully system to pull lights and the 50 new strobes up to top of tree(no more dumping $$$$ on a man lift every year) an going to leave the 6 channel star up in tree year round (like a redneck house with lights year around) ha ha--- got a better transmitter ---behind on sequencing the CCRs for 20 or so songs with the new "superstar software" I plan for Dec 1 to be up and running THIS YEARS DISPLAY WILL
  10. I want to share a little something about my obsession with Christmas Lights. It all started when I was 13 years old and we lived in Shelton,I had a Seattle P.I. morning paper route with 60 or so customers, the Christmas papers were like 3 inches thick with sale flyers so one of my friends helped me with the route and the man that delevered the huge 14 "HUGE" bundles of papers at 1 A.M. loaned me another paper bag for my friend to use. so we hustled and got all the papers delivered by 4 A.M. thats when me and my friend got into some mischief and started to steal christmas lights from yards(why
  12. Here is the one that I made ---has 5, 4 foot Florescent lights -works good for where I live, as the cars are wizzing by at 50+ MPH
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