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    Cambridge, MD
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    I've been collecting blowmolds for a few years now and LOVE decorating for all holidays (especially Christmas).
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    Christmas/holiday decorating.
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    Mostly blow molds with a couple inflatables and wooden yard art mixed in.

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  1. Nice haul! Love the snowmen and the sleigh. The skeleton is very nice too. You don't see him very often.
  2. Sorry you got outbid. Better luck next time.
  3. Lucky you! My Ace didn't have any left.
  4. You got an amazing deal! A lot of nice pieces there.
  5. Love your display. Everything looks really good both indoors and out. Awesome collection!
  6. Very impressive display and collection. Really nice! Love your Nativity scene.
  7. Looks good! Really nice job! Love the star you have in the window.
  8. That Nativity is gorgeous! I've never seen that one before. Where did you get it?
  9. That's wonderful! So good to hear. Your display is absolutely amazing! I'm sure your neighbors and all the people where you live really appreciate what you do.
  10. Really nice display! Besides the Nativities snowmen are my favorite blow molds. You have a really nice collection of them. They look great all together!
  11. Your display looks absolutely amazing! You did a wonderful job. I'm very envious of your collection.
  12. Beautiful set up, CapeLights. Your Nativity look gorgeous! Love the angels on top of the stable and the little lambs above the Holy Family.
  13. Really nice Nativities, guys! Keep them coming!
  14. He looks great! So glad your friend was able to fix the inflatables. Hope you had a nice Christmas.
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