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  1. I'm leaning towards doing a 96 channel tree this next year, 24 red, 24 green, 24 blue, & 24 white. thinking either a 16' or 20' tree
  2. Check out www.christmas-leds.com Was checking them out the other day.
  3. I'm needing some various styles of RGB Pixels for testing of some mounting options. I only need 1 of each and can be non working as well. Need some of the various Square Pixels in 2801, 2811, 1804 others as well Some of the Rectangle Pixels in 2801, 2811,, 1804 others as well If you have any Dumb nodes in various styles as well I'm trying to check sizes and options for mounting. I would be happy to purchase+shipping if they are working. Or if non working i will gladly pay shipping If in the DFW area I can pick up as well Thanks
  4. I have a 3D Star available now that can be used as a tree topper.
  5. I make them in a wireframe form in 4 different sizes at the moment, but i can make them what ever size you would like. They could be adapted to work. or i can put some type of a mount for you to use. Click Here for Holdman / Bethlehem Wireframes
  6. I thought that as well. That was just plugged right into the outlet. I just don't have any way to dim at the moment. But, thanks for the suggestion.
  7. I have posted some information and photos of a new frame idea.
  8. That pretty cool. I like the spider. How are you doing it?
  9. E-mail me and i can work up something for you. Email
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